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 on: 2010 April 29, 19:03:03 
Started by Anouk - Last post by mustluvcatz
Moune, I don't know if you saw over at MTS but I, too, have lots of textures. Paden gave me some of them but I do have a lot I found on my own and alot of them are 512x512. I have a set that's coordinating that I really like- it has checks, stripes and toile in red, pink, yellow, green, purple, black- um I think there's 2 blues. If you want those let me know and I'll get them to you.

The table? I HATE it. It's cloned from the Crazy 8 end table so it's not really meant to be ate on. (I think?) I was thinking the same thing about the bench frame. The polys right now are low so adding some roundedness won't hurt it. I haz another idea for the table....

 on: 2010 April 29, 18:37:32 
Started by Anouk - Last post by Moune
Paden and Witchboy, it would be just great if you would lend me some of your fabric textures. Thanks very much for your offers.  Smiley

The main issue about the fabric texture is that it must be either fairly easily tilable or big enough to cover a whole 3-tile cushion. That's why I'm having problems finding something in my own texture library that isn't just solid or my usual colonial/exotic style. I'm thinking it might be nice with something patterned for the cushions, although probably not too floral or at least modern/retro floral. Stripes and prints could also be good. But I'm really not at all sure what kind of style I want to go for - modern, shabby chic, retro, whatever - so I'm definitely open to suggestions.

Sizewise I'm using a 512x512 map and the fabric texture takes up most of that in height and just over half of that in width.

HugeLunatic over at TSR let me have some really good Maxis match wood textures for the bases, so I think I've got that covered now.

Mustluvcatz, that's another fun idea. I like the star scupltures - particularly the two on the right in the bottom picture. The bench is good too, although I don't particularly like the 'stars and stripes' theme. I'm not sure I understand the table, though. Is that just one table or are there two on top of each other? How about trying to make a tabletop that is made up by three, four or more stars - kind of like the wall hanging, but without the hole. A single star tabletop would be almost impossible to eat at. And one last thought: Using slightly rounded shapes for bench frame and table legs could soften up the 'angularity' of the star shapes.

 on: 2010 April 29, 18:11:44 
Started by SlayerAngel - Last post by Moune
What really puzzles me is that Thomas & Co don't understand how counterproductive this kind of behaviour is. You'd have thought they would have learned after the Reflex/BPS debacle which turned loads of people against TSR who had previously been either pro-TSR or on the fence.

And the thing is, GoS might have to close down now,  but it will pop back into existence somewhere else and so will whatever files were hosted there. The only difference will be that a lot of people will hate TSR a lot more.

But apparantly they don't think that far at TSR headquarters. Dumb, dumb, extremely dumb.   Roll Eyes

 on: 2010 April 29, 17:55:25 
Started by SlayerAngel - Last post by SlayerAngel
I'd link to the letter sent to Liegenschonheit by GoDaddy however the site is down. Cry Basically they tried to say that GoS was hosting copyrighted files and that they should be removed. (Ha! Whatever!) Liegen made a counter claim and now the site in down.

How far will TSR go? They attack MTS, BlackPearlSims, GSC, and now GoS. This is an outright atrocity.

PS: Anyone who has a Facebook, there's an anti-TSR group here. I encourage if you have a Facebook you all join this group, for obvious reasons. Tongue But yeah, GRRRRR!! TSR must die.

 on: 2010 April 29, 17:05:10 
Started by Pescado - Last post by Rissa
The letter was by Thomas directed to GoDaddy.
It was the typical blabla of GOS hosting copyrighted items everywhere at the forum, especially in once thread.

I guess the thread linked was the TSR request one, but I couldn't get it to load, I guess this was when the site went down.

 on: 2010 April 29, 16:38:16 
Started by Pescado - Last post by Shan-Chan
Oh crap what did the letter say? I want to read it. I didn't get to see it and I feel left out

 on: 2010 April 29, 16:32:38 
Started by Pescado - Last post by candyrogue
I'd read the letter on GOS this morning, I couldn't believe it. Now GOS seems to have vanished, but no doubt they won't be gone for long,a switch of servers and they'll be back. Like T$R are gonna be able to stop the sharing of their files, pffft i think not. I should post all mine on my own site just to peeve them off.

 on: 2010 April 29, 15:57:17 
Started by Pescado - Last post by Paden
Well, something is going on because even after clearing out all temp files and cache and all of that, I cannot get to the link that Witchboy posted. It's like the damn thing has been wiped off of the internet maps, which won't last long because the GoSlings are a tough bunch and don't take kindly to being shit upon. I look forward to seeing Thomass running away holding himself in pain from yet another dust-up with them because he just doesn't have what it takes to win against them. (Guts, intelligence, a legal leg to stand on, etc.)

 on: 2010 April 29, 13:29:46 
Started by Pescado - Last post by Immortelle
Thomas seriously does not know when to quit.  You think he would have the capacity to learn from his past efforts to stop the Booty from sharing files.  He does not have a legal ground to stand on.  In order to claim the material as being copyrighted, he first has to present sufficient proof that those items were original works.  And even then EAs EULA claims whatever rights there are left.

 on: 2010 April 29, 12:02:43 
Started by Pescado - Last post by ShanOw
LOL! All the FA's are listed as retired Cheesy
TSR made a fuck-up on their website... who say THAT coming.

As for GOS, another lol'worthy pathetic attempt to stop filesharing. Unfortunately for TSR most sites don't vanish as soon as they get one little complaint - I mean, look at PMBD.

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