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 on: 2018 October 03, 15:43:47 
Started by Paden - Last post by Paden
Not sure if this will work, but being a twerp of near fifty-four, I just have to try. Paysites are not defeated, they just hide better or under other names, such as Patreon. We're still being screwed over by those who wish to gain money from people who are dumb enough to give it to them. So, what goes on from here? And before I get jumped for daring to show my face, I am not now who I was then, I've grown and changed. So, whatever.

 on: 2017 July 31, 03:33:03 
Started by Jojoba - Last post by depravo
Pandorasims has 3 art tables available for download. When I went to download from the booty, the only one available for download is the adult art anime table which allows sims to draw anime porn art. Is it possible to do an update to include the adult art porn and adult fantasy art tables please?

 on: 2015 August 18, 22:14:21 
Started by Jojoba - Last post by RedVenus
Please get back with your works!!!
I need a Pandora Neon set, but since 2010 dont have any updates!!!

We need paysites back!!! =~

 on: 2010 April 30, 09:34:53 
Started by SlayerAngel - Last post by Immortelle
I'm beginning to think of Thomar$e as the Bill Gates of the Sims Community: Wants his site to be the only one people go to, and will abandon all concept of morals and principles just to achieve it.  The scary thing is, he thinks he is in the right.  Pathetic, deluded bastard.

 on: 2010 April 30, 08:59:49 
Started by SlayerAngel - Last post by Pescado
I have the last weekly backup of Garden of Liegenschonheits securely on my own server, so I can bring the site back up any time that Liegenschonheit gives the word.

Speaking of the cheese server, anyone else having a problem getting Coconut's site to load?

I haven't been able to get in for a few days. Do you know what's causing it?
Coconut is offline at the moment because some of the data files were kept on the same server. I am having them moved right now, as they are backed up regularly.

 on: 2010 April 30, 08:57:34 
Started by Jojoba - Last post by Pescado
We don't take specific TSR requests because TSR is such a huge site, and we already have staff working to harvest it enmasse, so individual requests would be purposeless. However, if an item is conspicuously missing for some reason, perhaps it was missed in a sweep or snuck in. Let us know.

 on: 2010 April 30, 08:37:57 
Started by Jojoba - Last post by Amiara
Hey. i'm new here, and gotta say - i love the concept!
Thanks alot!

But i have a question - not sure if it should be posted here - im still finding my way around the site.
But you said that no requests should be made for TSR objects. I can see that you have added some of these, and i really like the country door, made by apple on TSR. So that is an illegal request or is there another place where i should put it.?

Here is a link to where it is (btw, i also really, really like the window sitting next to the door)

Hope to here from you soon...


 on: 2010 April 30, 06:07:39 
Started by SlayerAngel - Last post by Vkitty
^^ Hopefully sooner rather then later. The world will be better of without the assholes.

 on: 2010 April 30, 04:37:17 
Started by SlayerAngel - Last post by ShanOw
... It will happen to TSR some day Cheesy

 on: 2010 April 30, 04:33:33 
Started by Anouk - Last post by Witchboy
Thank You for the share mustluvcatz Smiley

Moune, You have a PM Wink

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