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 on: 2023 September 04, 04:20:24 
Started by Hecubus - Last post by Gashimahiron
Oh damn, i guess it IS true that all firstposting necroposters never get replied to!

 on: 2022 July 11, 10:07:30 
Started by Hecubus - Last post by Gashimahiron
Hey, coming here to greet, this thread vaguely fits the topic i wanna talk about and doesn't seem to be as dead as the others.

Coming in late to the party here, been mostly interested in sims 3 and maybe 4 (first try was crap), played sims 1 quite a bit and barely played 2, abandoned all of those to go play and mod Elder Scrolls and Fallout series games.
What made me find yalls here, comically enough, was me being frustrated with TSR's shitty ass download method, which then made my IT guy and general tinkerer brain go into "find solution" mode, and so here i am, wasting time finding solutions so i can stop wasting even more time on that godawful site.

I'm pretty happy that i found this archive, it's got a format similar to that of ut-files, hopefully not as sensitive to being hammered!

Anyways, i'm not willing to completely freeload, i got some elementary programming skills and know how to troubleshoot\debug programs and hardware as it's part of my job, and got plenty of modding experience across several games under my belt, so even though my broke ass person can't give handouts, i'm willing to give some of what little hours i have free in the day to help out.

I can also bridge the gap between portuguese, spanish and english speakers, less so spanish because my spanish has been unused for over a decade.

I've abandoned IRC back in 2015, so if you want more immediate contact with me, PM me for my discord ID, which is the only thing i still somewhat actively check nowadays.

 on: 2022 June 07, 19:23:37 
Started by forcednamechanges - Last post by honeymh
WTF has Rebels gone? Huh

 on: 2022 June 05, 07:57:56 
Started by elysium-fic - Last post by Manekichan
Hi! I found this Telegram link where there is CC for Sims 4 from Sglynp and Patreon. Here is the link:

 on: 2022 April 18, 04:45:54 
Started by Hecubus - Last post by Pescado
damn it!!! is there a way and solve this? remove the trackers?
It's a pretty old technique and one that people with technical knowledge can easily defeat, yes.

 on: 2022 April 16, 23:23:32 
Started by Hecubus - Last post by marydlowe
Hi, I am New Here.

 on: 2022 April 16, 13:37:05 
Started by Hecubus - Last post by Roldanbarkley

 on: 2022 April 11, 16:46:49 
Started by Lunari - Last post by asireniclamia
Anyone wanna add this??? Been behind a paywall for 4 months

 on: 2022 March 03, 09:54:17 
Started by Lunari - Last post by dessertbunny
Yeah.  Use Telegram and sign your life away.  I installed, then immediately uninstalled.  It's 2022 people.  Put your phones down!!!

 on: 2022 February 04, 22:06:53 
Started by Hecubus - Last post by Antonio

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