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 on: 2010 April 22, 04:50:36 
Started by Anouk - Last post by Scurvy Cat
I win! I win!  What do I get.

Two cool desks by one of the cooooooolest designers on the web, that's what.

I've gotta get out more.

 on: 2010 April 22, 04:10:53 
Started by Hecubus - Last post by LadyFrontbum
Yeah, gotta admit, I don't mind those undies. I kinda love transparent clothes, though, I'm a big perve.

God I hate that model so much.

 on: 2010 April 22, 00:35:18 
Started by Anouk - Last post by mustluvcatz
Doesn't the 3-tile desk at MTS function like a desk should? I can't remember who made it- it's an older mesh and I think "Hudson" is in the name of it. It's in my dl folder and I have used it- but I don't think any of my sims have actually sat at it...and if they have, I don't remember. But I do know that you can put a computer on it.

 on: 2010 April 21, 22:18:04 
Started by Ash Redfern - Last post by Ash Redfern
Sims 2:

Hair mesh 06405 (female)

Sims 3:

Female/Male hair 387
Child/Toddler hair 386

Female hair 13

 on: 2010 April 21, 20:12:08 
Started by Anouk - Last post by Moune
Okay, Scurvy Cat won. I'm posting both desks. Maybe I'll add an extra computer slot to the 'centered' desk, so that people can choose if they want their sims to be able to use the computer on the desk or if they just want it to look good.

Dr House, the third tile does exist, but only in dining tables. You clone a 3-tiled dining table and put a 3-tiled desk mesh in it. The problem is it might look like a desk, but it still is a dining table, and sims will want to eat from it rather than place their homework on it.

And that's exactly why you might need some kind of mod to ensure that kids drop their homework in front of the desk. Because too many creators have used dining tables (2-tiled) as bases for desks. They don't attract homework, but sims with plates in their hands. The mod you're talking about was probably cloned from a desk and then modified, which is why it would attract homework. But it would never have been necessary if all creators had cloned their desks from ... desks.  Wink

 on: 2010 April 21, 19:23:34 
Started by Pescado - Last post by dstar
1: Read the FAQ

2: There are much prettier free versions of Keira Knightley at MTS . Here is a lovely one by VeraMarina  and an even better mostly non-photoskinned one by Bruno at MTS So why waste time on Chaz fug that will breed mutant Sim babies

 on: 2010 April 21, 19:03:42 
Started by Pescado - Last post by Paden
And if we're not back in two days, KEEP WAITING!! Oh, and read the damn FAQ while you're waiting...

 on: 2010 April 21, 18:36:44 
Started by Hecubus - Last post by Pickleen
There's another one I don't understand.  Huh What's see-through or for that matter smutty about it? It's pretty regular, boring underwear, and the line on her butt is because there's a seam in the fabric and the knickers get stuck up her ass. Painful, yes. Smutty, no.

I agree.  There is a transparency, but I doubt that you would be able to see anything in game, unless you were zoomed in real close (via mod).  I don't play the game that close and I'm sure others don't either.

 on: 2010 April 21, 17:15:24 
Started by Pescado - Last post by kenmtl
Absolutely! Wait here.

 on: 2010 April 21, 17:01:48 
Started by karu - Last post by Fran
When you go to FP's site, you can still get free cars. Even though he's probably got a "donate to the cause" button somewhere on that site, it's not required.
Guess he just wants a bigger audience, even though he's famous for his cars. I mean, he made most of the meshes for the cars one sees-and if he didn't, Vovillia helped a lot, as well.

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