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 on: 2010 April 29, 09:16:17 
Started by Pescado - Last post by Ummm
Has anybody checked the Retired Fartists link at TSR? Shocked Isn't it a little late for April Fools? Cheesy

Ahhhhhh but we can only hope! Wink

 on: 2010 April 29, 08:21:00 
Started by Pescado - Last post by Witchboy
GOS has received a notice of copyright infringement from their host. One guess as to who filed the complaint to Go Daddy?;boardseen#new

 on: 2010 April 29, 07:48:34 
Started by Anouk - Last post by JWong
I like them MLC  Grin
I have been working on these 4 book meshes for about a week now the book pile in the middle are 2 meshes I just used an omsp to place a pile on top of the other. Today though I finally got around to slaving them to a Master Mesh I just couldn't see having almost 50 recolors(11 recolors for each mesh) taking up space.


 on: 2010 April 29, 04:22:54 
Started by Anouk - Last post by mustluvcatz
Can I haz feedback/ideas/opinions please? For some reason I got it in my head to make a set based on stars. So.. well, here's what I have so far. The stars are done- except for the shadows which I'm not sure about. It's my first try at custom shadows. The bench and table are far from done and I'm not loving them yet.

There's also a star wall hanging that's not pictured. All the stars have 3 recolors and they're not as dull and boring as what's shown here.

eta: Pic of the wall hanging (which I AM loving) and some of the recolors of the prove that I do have an imagination when it comes to choosing textures.. sometimes.

 on: 2010 April 28, 23:35:51 
Started by Anouk - Last post by Witchboy
Moune, I too have a ton of textures in various styles. If you would like i can point you to my shared folder & you can download to your hearts content Smiley

Below is a set of "Martha Stewart Living Paint" wallpapers i made for TS2 if anyone would like them. They come with or without the crown molding.

You can get them on GSC...

Top Row from left to right:
Aegean Blue
Araucana Teal
Ballet Slipper Pink
Bay Leaf

Middle Row from left to right:

Bottom Row from left to right:
Persimmon Red
Sea Glass
Sharkey Gray

 on: 2010 April 28, 22:45:05 
Started by Anouk - Last post by Paden
Moune, what size would you want and what format? I have one heck of an extensive collection of fabric textures so if you tell me what kind of swatches you're looking for, I may just be able to help a bit. Solids? Prints? Florals? Abstracts? Jpg? Png?

 on: 2010 April 28, 19:54:00 
Started by Hecubus - Last post by Shan-Chan
I made a grilled cheese sandwhich last night. I used this really thick white bread that you're supposed to use for french toast and it WAS SOO GOOD. But yeah I want one now too.

 on: 2010 April 28, 17:29:01 
Started by Hecubus - Last post by mustluvcatz
Uh, yeah. Sorry Shan-Chan..but I'd much rather see the cheese. The cheese is much easier on the eyes and doesn't make my brain hurt. There's also the side benefit of the cheese being quite tasty.

For some reason, I want a grilled cheese sandwich now.

 on: 2010 April 28, 16:24:22 
Started by Hecubus - Last post by Scurvy Cat
Having refreshed I now see cheese.  Strange, but I'd really rather download it than the fugly underwear. 

 on: 2010 April 28, 15:29:42 
Started by Hecubus - Last post by Immortelle
Personally, I quite like cheese.  Nothing more nomlicious then a piece of partially heated triple cream brie on a piece of sesame waver.  And double cheese on pizza??  YUMMM.

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