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1  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: More Smutty Than You: TSR's Hall of Shame on: 2009 March 15, 05:18:11
Not that I had heard.

Disgusting isn't it?
2  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: More Smutty Than You: TSR's Hall of Shame on: 2009 March 15, 04:45:38
I lost the very final shreds of respect for PETA (not that there was much left to lose) when they decided to use that horrible tragedy of the guy who went berserk on that bus in Canada and beheaded the other guy as a means of furthering their agenda.

They had it on posters and such saying that being beheaded and eaten by a crazed lunatic was just exactly like what cows go through when they are processed through a slaughterhouse.

3  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Pimp My Sims on: 2006 December 30, 19:07:13
Damned child labor laws. :lol:

Give me year round school! I'm a teacher and that means I would get my vacation times staggered over the year rather than bunched up in the summers. I love me my vacations.
4  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Zita (aussie topenders) retiring on: 2006 December 30, 08:00:09
That is sad.

But, you know, there is life outside the sims 2 (bleak and ghastly though it is *snerk*).
5  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Sshodan on: 2006 December 30, 05:28:55

I just want to find mens hair that isn't going to induce my grandmother to come out of her grave and snarl "You cut that hair!! You want people should think you look like a sheepdog?"

Does every man on the planet HAVE to have hair that covers the eyes and is oh so emo? The vast majority of my male sims are stuck with Maxis hairs because of that.
6  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Sshodan on: 2006 December 30, 04:51:44
I have a really hard time stomaching pretty men in my game. They drive me nuts!

I don't get the J-rock yaoi fangirl bullshit. People are so farking weird.

In my world, men have square jaws, muscles, facial hair that isn't shaved into pretty designs. They have penises and at least half of them are interested in women (yes, I do have room for gay men in my world). They do not wear makeup. They do not wear dresses. They do not have hair longer than mine unless they are in an 80's hair band.  :roll:

Maybe I am just not trendy enough. You think that might be it?
7  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Is it just me? on: 2006 December 21, 04:33:15
8  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / TSR IS A SUCK-ASS SUCKY WEBSITE on: 2006 December 14, 22:56:44
I can see them using a tremedous amount of bandwith and a lot of traffic.

But...several SEVERAL thousand usd a month?Huh :shock:
9  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / How much do we know about Peggy? on: 2006 December 07, 21:48:31
No. It has nothing to do with hygiene.

 My husband smells the way he smells right out of the shower and first thing in the morning (minus the morning sock breath. That is NEVER pleasant) and even after working out. Under the sweat smell is another smell. I can't isolate the smell to determine WHAT it smells like. Just that it smells like him.

I discovered this when I learned why it was so difficult for anyone to sneak up on me. I may not be able to hear you, but I will smell you and be able to identify you that way.
10  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / How much do we know about Peggy? on: 2006 December 07, 01:46:07
I identify people by their smell.

I know a few people who I cannot make the bridge into actual friendship with simply because I don't like the way they smell. Not that they smell nasty or anything. They just smell wrong to me.

My husband, on the other hand, smells delicious.
11  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Carla Niven must be destroyed! on: 2006 December 07, 00:04:48
Not quite dark enough and the sims need to have an expression one usually has when constipated. Then you may be able to rival the genius that is Carla.

But classic. Farking classic.

It is screaming to be uploaded to the exchange. *snort* Not that it would last long with the naughty word but it would make this jaded girl smile.
12  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Rose Sims (insert twilight zone music) on: 2006 December 06, 23:55:51
Not me.

Her site makes my teeth itch.

Plus, I actually prefer Maxis meshes to her shit.
13  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Carla Niven must be destroyed! on: 2006 December 03, 22:33:04
Stupid girl.

Doesn't she know that the way to be SURE that you are the hottest person at your wedding is to have really ugly bridesmaids? :lol:

Oh right. One of her friends. Silly me. Here I was thinking it was another one of her delusional personalities.
14  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Carla Niven must be destroyed! on: 2006 December 03, 21:49:15
That made my teeth itch.

"I'm sooo glad I married Connor. He is like the bestest guy EVA!! Yay! Now that I am an adult I get to do sexy and adult-like (note from Keijra: not *adult* just *adult-like*) poses! Weee! I am such a farking airhead that I have no clue that in trying to sound hip and happening, I sound like a 12 year old child with no concept whatsoever as to how the real world actually works!"
15  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / For Lyriclee on: 2006 December 01, 23:18:07
Oh. My. Lord.

Just say no to bad makeup and attempted come hither glances.

On the upside, I feel much better about myself. Hell, I am a farking supermodel in comparison!
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