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136  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / More on MTS2 banning links or mentioning PMBD in sigs on: 2006 November 06, 23:49:59
Quote from: "woes_wee"
I still am not getting How the discussion of Sims files falls into the rules Delphy listed i nthe one thread.

The Sims 2 community houses many great creators. In support of them and their work we have taken a firm stand against the promotion of software piracy (also known as warez) and the theft of digital media and other intellectual property (IP).

As such any forum member that advocates the theft of IP, or provides access through any means to warez, will be banned. You can consider warez to be anything related to the downloading of cracks and serial numbers or the downloading/sharing of software not licensed in accordance publisher’s wishes. Take note that file sharing of bootleg music or pirated software through peer to peer programs like Kazaa is a form of warezing.

None of what that says has not a damn thing to do with this site and what we share.
No one is bootlegging No one is sharing cracks or anything that EA owns and is not OK with sharing.
He is such a trick.


I was confused too until I noticed the part about Intellectual Property. I guess he figures that's what we're "stealing"
137  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Rose Sims on: 2006 November 06, 17:27:11
I've never been to rose sims (actually never "donated" for sims 2 stuff)- "donator's advantage"? "normal donation area"? WTF? there are Donators and then normal donation  donators?
138  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / More on MTS2 banning links or mentioning PMBD in sigs on: 2006 November 05, 21:29:32

now if more paysites would take my advice...
139  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ?? on: 2006 November 05, 02:21:30
either lyric or this person from S2C:

There is a site which I'm not going to tell it's name where it has stolen from almost every paysite including Peggy, Rose, Simslice, ect., ect. It claims that it has the right to do this and charging sim stuff is illegal and they say they won't stop what they're doing either. The way they "punish" paysites is by stealing their stuff and putting it on their site for all other low-lives to enjoy. The worst thing about this is that they're not ashamed at what they do either! I mean, Retail Sims had to shut down their site because of these creeps. This is getting wayy out of hand. Is their anyway of shutting down their website for good?

(Mods, if this isn't appropriate or if this already exist, feel free to close this thread)

or the only one to reply before the thread was locked by Simsample
140  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / For Lyriclee on: 2006 November 02, 16:34:52
I was posting on the thread right before it was deleted, but I guess I was too dismayed by someone I thought sounded pretty sane and rational suddanly going off the deep end for no reason at all that I didn't notice they stopped defending her.

Honestly, if she had no idea what she was saying was wrong, she could have locked the thread. But she clearly didn't want anyone to see how vicious she'd been.

This woman is a mother? I feel sorry for her kids. My mom tended towards duplicity, being supermom one minute and a nasty wicked-tongued bitch the next, and it was hell living with her when she was off her meds (when she was on them she was asleep most of the day)
141  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Carla Niven must be destroyed! on: 2006 November 02, 04:43:47
Quote from: "Motoki"
Ugh even his/her avatar looks like a drag queen.

was JUST about to say that!

I dunno, that site looks very fashion designer-esque... complete with "lines" and catchy titles like "ready to wear".

Like someone who got a degree in design and is despirate for work

maybe even designing costumes for kid's theater productions or something

but technically a designer! With all the bloated attitude and ego to match!
142  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / For Lyriclee on: 2006 November 02, 01:46:25
You know, I was sympathetic to the paysite owners for a while..

then there was a thread about exchange bandits (blech) on S2C...

and it got hijacked into a discussion about paysites again.

Now, naturally, any good mod will come along and get the thread back on topic

But instead, Lyric comes along and whines about this site...

and Discordkitty adamently defends her...

and eventually, when the debate starts to go sour and people call Lyriclee names, the entire thread is DELETED, not locked, by Lyriclee, moments after I messaged Delphy saying that Lyriclee was calling various posters names and behaving like a total brat.

Nothing like burning the evidence, eh?

havn't decided if I'll actually download anything from here, but it's nice to have a place to vent.
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