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1  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Noanikko closes and blames wickednoukfamily on: 2007 November 03, 04:46:06
hes not closing, but hes closing
hes sorry, but hes not sorry
he deleted all the gb entries so that the only ones left are ones telling him not to close (figures)
hes leaving but he'll be back
hes too good to upload to mts2 but wants the graveyard to host them (meaning he still wants nouk/jessica to pay for hosting him)
hes using glamorouslounge meshes and the same source pics, but hes not copying them
fighting over pixels is dumb but yet hes leaving over it
he thinks hes worthy of a rant on wnf sites......even if they were online right now, there wouldnt be a rant up about him--that would make them dramaqueens/shitstirrers like him  :roll:
2  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Noanikko closes and blames wickednoukfamily on: 2007 November 02, 15:08:45
a freewebs paysite with a confusing donation system is now closed and posted a big rant basically blaming wickednoukfamily

back story according to those in-the-know:
noanikko was a featured creator at wickedsims and left to turn his tiny freewebs site into a paysite even though he was offered free hosting (since wickedsims was hosting several sites at that time before the attack).
after wnf was created, and noanikko realized he wasnt making any money since his site was in the booty and could get tons more visitors if he was associated with the uber-amazing Nouk, contacts them asking for free hosting, but doesnt really ask, sort of demands/expects it and gives them attitude about how he just wants the free hosting, not the family aspect of it and blah blah blah

He gets told to check out sims2host (that thing mod_bv has been whoring out) and tells wnf "fine, i didnt want to join your stupid club anyways" (or something like that) and then closes his site and puts up the big rant.

(quoted just in case he sees this and runs off to edit/delete it)
My say on Paysites

This war on paysites is reaching boiling point as we all know and I want to have a say on it. I have quite a bunch to say, so get comfortable.

1) Demonizing Paysites

One thing I think is completely unessecary is the demonizing of paysites. Sites like the Wicked Nouk family I feel like are not nice little communities, but they are a big petition to stopping paysites. They are for a good cause of course, but I think that this hatred for paysites is quite out of order. People seriously hate these sites and let's face it: it's a game. Are you that angry that you have to pay for that stunning little dress? If so, then go ahead and be mad, but to start sites saying paysites are fugitives of the law and bad people is kind of ridiculous. Here's an example: you live in a world where CD's are free. Then one day, a store starts charging for CD's. Are you really going to demonize that store just because they have started to charge for their CD's? No! If you are, then you should start looking at Darfur and Iraq and the factory workers in China because it isn't something to really fret about. It's like getting upset at Lindsay because she fell down at the gym because she didn't know how to work the treadmill.

2) Which sites are you mad at?

There are three different kinds of paysites: full paysites, majority paysites and minimal paysites. Full paysites are 100% pay and you need to pay for everything. Majority paysites are sites like Peggy Sims 2 that have mostly pay stuff but then some mediocre free stuff on the side. Then there is minimal paysites that have one to five packages you have to pay for. noaNikko falls under that last one. Understandably, those full paysites are the ones to get frustrated at, I mean hell, who's made of money? Then sites like Peggy make great stuff for pay and then her free stuff is second rate with problems. But then there's Vita Sims or noaNikko or Numenor who had two or three donation packages that aren't that expensive and have one or two pay packages. Sue us! So there it's stupid that we should be targeted in Wicked Sims' and the Wicked Nouk family's Yaya Sisterhood rampage.

3) Pirates

I don't mind pirates. I don't care about them. True lovers of the site wont use them, or maybe they will, I dont care. But making it like a symbolic and heroic thing is dumb because it is not, it's pirating, hence the name. So they aren't saints and martyrs and good people, they're thieves! But there are much worse thieves in the world and that is why I dont care. Those home invasions in Newark ocncern me much more than Simchic's newest pay mesh.

4) Finale: my message to the Wicked Nouk Family

Your intent is pure, your purpose is good. But shunnning paysites like you do is wrong. If you knew us as real people, your views would change. So judgement aside, this is stupid. Do you really care that much about an internet problem? If you do, well there's not much to say to that. If this if your life, fine, but you are making this a nightmare for countless others and it is cruel and not deserving. Lighten your message a little bit because your integrity is pure.


the rant, makes no sense. WNF doesnt have anything up about paysites, only some of the individual sites do.

 :roll: and of course the wnf server is down so nobody can see how retarded he is (for the rampaging comment and crap--since its apparent from his rant that hes not that bright)

anyways, yay another paysite destroyed!
3  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / New Paysite!! Fairywitchsims on: 2007 November 01, 17:11:08
im using firefox and it showed up "fine"
im guessing you guys arent using the refcontrol addon and she has all referrers from pmbd blocked? thats the only reason i can see as to why some people are forbidden (since it doesnt seem to be a browser specific issue)
the first page made me want to close it out, so i have no idea how good her stuff is, but judging from the first page, im guessing its crap
4  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Another Fracking Paysite! - TG Sims on: 2007 October 09, 20:45:57
i already pointed this out in the appropriate thread in the treasure chest yesterday
blah lol  Tongue
5  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / The Sims Mod Board is having problems, too. on: 2007 September 28, 05:38:43
Quote from: "ingeli"
Any news on the SMB-files being posted on the graveyard, or anywhere?

it seems some of the files are on the graveyard now and the rest will be soon (according to the "news")
6  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Holy Simoly is being run by a MONKEY! on: 2007 September 19, 18:56:59
im guessing the reason why they didnt find you in their paypal account record is because they dont realize that they can a) search by transaction id # and b) go back quite a ways in their transaction history c) search specifically for payments made to them during a specific time period
and you provided all that info in your paypal receipts

funny how alot of paysite owners dont seem to understand how paypal works
7  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Free Sim Site Hosting on: 2007 September 18, 02:37:33
high-traffic sites would be: peggy or rose or raon or the booty
medium-traffic sites would be: noukiesims or holy simoly
decent-traffic sites would be: lapink or doursim or wickedsims or the graveyard
low-traffic sites would be: ones just starting out, or who havent whored themselves out enough yet

your current hosting plan can only handle low traffic sites. Ask kathy, delphy, pescado, inge, Jessica/Nouk, anyone who has had problems finding hosting for "larger" sites.

even if you upgrade, there is no way you can handle a medium to high traffic site without a server. It's not possible
8  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Free Sim Site Hosting on: 2007 September 17, 09:57:47
i think flying dutchman was referring to the fact that you said you had 5gb of space and 50gb of bandwidth--which isnt "plentiful" and a reseller plan on shared hosting wouldnt really benefit many sites, whereas a server would.

nouk is right, the reseller plan you have isnt enough for even one medium sized site, let alone a paysite.
you'd be best offering people who are just starting out a place to start before moving onto their own larger hosting plan. Or sites that are outgrowing their moonfruit/freewebs account.
50gb of bandwidth? Most sites use 5-10, moderately popular sites like doursim use about 30gb; so you'd only be able to have a few sites on there. 5gb of space isnt very much either, especially split several ways.
Also, none of them would be able to have forums because forums + shared hosting = the boot
hosting providers see a forum doing even moderately well and they start claiming you're hogging up too many resources and try to get you to upgrade or shut you down.
Its nice that they are offering more email/ftp/databases/domains than you will ever need, but the disk and bandwidth is too low to share among several sites Sad
I think its great that you're trying to help out though.
9  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / The Sims Mod Board is having problems, too. on: 2007 September 14, 19:41:18
you guys, it says on the graveyard where to send the files. on the about page.
10  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Pointing to the Booty? on: 2007 September 08, 09:42:41
pointing to the booty...adding a pirate ship to the newest ep with a hidden think they are sending us messages Shocked that would be great.

or we're all just looking for a connection when there is none
11  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / The Sims Mod Board is having problems, too. on: 2007 September 04, 22:14:15
It should not be costing them $4000 a year unless they are either being scammed by their server provider, or they are paying someone to do server admin stuff for them.
Also, their forum has the worst layout -ever-. They put up recolors on MTS2 and then force everyone to go to their site and register to download the mesh, but that place is such a mess you can't find anything. So I wouldnt be surprised that, if out of the like 10,000 members they have, only 20 regularly post. Which means lots of unnecessary boards and categories.
Plus all the unnecessary images :|
They have some nice stuff, but its so hard to find what you're looking for.
Emails to them with suggestions on how to fix it and make it more user-friendly (which would also make it use less bandwidth) went unanswered.
They also shouldnt need someone to help out 3-4 hours a day.
Even if someone pointed Delphy/Kathy/Pescado to the site and they gave advice, I dont think they'll follow it.
They should have known they were having hosting/money issues before now. Why are they waiting until right before time is up to say anything?
12  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / For NeptuneSuzy on: 2007 July 16, 16:20:56
I'm not going to make a long post about your attitude of being better than everyone here, but i'd just like to know:
if you're really only there because you like tsr and the community there and all that other bs, then why arent you SA and your stuff completely free?
Because you're really in it for the money?

No one is going to take you seriously if all you do is treat them like they are beneath you and that they should praise you for merely speaking to them; and most won't take you seriously for having pay creations at tsr either.

I can't believe you have such an attitude suzy. You were one of my favorite creators but seeing all of your posts recently at s2c and here has been quite disappointing
13  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / wicked sims & hosted sites temporarily offline on: 2007 June 24, 04:32:54
Quote from: "Lourdes"
So is this the norm and acceptable to have a host where you have to go through hell and high water to speak to a live tech support person?

I dont think the problem is getting to a live op, i think the problem is getting anyone to actually do what they say theyre going to do or what you expect they should do?
I mean she said the live op told her they were going to investigate, then they ignore her for awhile and when she asks how the investigations going they tell her its her problem--because they dont want to investigate? Or they are hoping she wont be able to fix the problem so they can force her to upgrade?
Either way its shittastic service, and unfortunately, is to be expected from shared hosting.
I hope if she leaves she can get a refund
14  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Look at what I made and worship me! (Post Your Creations) on: 2007 June 23, 08:40:43
Ensign I dont know why you are so hard on yourself
for one, your sims look better than most of the ones on TSR
and two, i'm sure if you put them all up for download, you'd be surprised by how many people would download them.
i know i saw a few i'd play with Smiley
15  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Wicked Sims takes a stand on: 2007 June 18, 04:17:55
glad you posted it here moondragon, but you might want to edit out the email addy and line breaks Wink
i think its a bit weird that inge hasnt started a ffss thread here but insists on derailing other threads here to mention it lol probably realizes no one would read that thread and is in desperate need for visitors  :roll:
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