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Author Topic: I win the prize!  (Read 13908 times)

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Re: I win the prize!
« Reply #30 on: 2008 June 21, 17:32:03 »

Coasters I think.  Grin 

  I have never used the phrase "LMAO". I always go back to my valley girl days and read it as "lame-o". Very, very annoying.

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Re: I win the prize!
« Reply #31 on: 2008 June 21, 19:35:16 »

Huh  I wasn't trying to be rude about it.  I was just poking fun at myself for reading all the threads and making a suggestion (I never said, "STOP THIS ONE WORD NONSENSE NOW BEFORE I SMITE YOU").  I thought it was obvious that most people don't memorise entire threads, but apparently I keep forgetting that I need smilies on my posts.  Tongue  Tongue  (Disclaimer: Again, not trying to be rude, just being facetious.)

You posted more than you needed to.  Huh  All you had to say was, "Sometimes you don't need to say much."  Yet you threw in a mention of masturbation and a nitpick about how I worded my post.  "Cool" and "Inorite" is pretty content-free to me and short--hence the slash.  Yes, just because something is long doesn't mean it is useful, but I never said there was a minimum word count or that longer is better.  Besides, when a post is coupled with avatars, signatures, and report to mod/logged/thanks/quote buttons, it's just a hassle to go check out a thread and have to scroll past that kind of thing.

Again, I wasn't trying to be rude.  I was making a suggestion and tried to throw in some humour to make it less whiny.  I'm not a mod, just a user.  My apologies.

Ensign,  I apologize for the bitch.  I actually got the humour in the post, however I also percieved a slap on the knuckles which I felt was unwarranted and out of line. Honestly, I thought WTF! Here I was having a stupid random exchange with the OP in an inappropriate thread, just thinking maybe there might be a possibility for a quick gratuitous lulz, there wasn't. I really wasn't interested in engaging, so things wound down I thought cool, moving on, and then you swooped in and said, "don't do that it annoys me".  I know that's not a direct quote it's just what I heard. So my knee jerk reaction was, whoa you need to step down, here I'll help.

 Anyway that's the simplified long/short. So, honest to god, if I misinterpreted and overreacted I apologize, I absolutely stand by my one word post in this instance, however, I'm not here to fight with people over stupid shit. I have a family for that. I hope we're cool.

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