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1  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Sshodan on: 2007 January 02, 06:09:17
Quote from: "idtaminger"
Who's Pooja?

She was a mod at S2C, mainly the contest forum.  She left a long time ago though, smart move if you ask me.
2  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / A rant over Delphy's censoring (happy piratebooty) on: 2007 January 01, 21:48:59
Quote from: "BlueSoup"
There's no rule that someone can't be both pleasant and aggressive.  I am both, I think.

Yes, pleasantly aggressive  :lol:
3  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Shitty ebay idiots on: 2006 December 29, 07:16:27
Quote from: "jesserocket"
Back in the days of Sims 1, I recall an unofficial 'expansion' pack being released, it was around the time of Livin' It Up (Livin' Large), the first TS1 EP, was released. I never bought it, and I'm pretty sure it was before paysites were even a THING, it had assorted things on it from like, Well Dressed Sim, and SimFreaks, all the big sites of the time...It was commercially released, I dunno if internationally, but it was in Game and assorted other shops, wrapped in cellophane...

I forget what my point was, but this reminds me of an especially crappy version of that...

Yup, we got that over here in Australia aswell, it came with a computer games magazine if I recall correctly and I loved it because I only had nasty dial-up way back then so downloading stuff for sims1 was an extreme chore.  I'd say a dvd like that one is aimed at ppl who are on dial-up and suffer that exact issue.
4  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Does Anybody Else In Here Feel The Way I Do? on: 2006 November 07, 23:16:49
Dr, your post hits the nail on the head (not sure about the nipple tweaking though) I love it here!! No need for TV ever again and with the added benefit of beautiful things for my sims.  I just wish I could contribute more some how.
5  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Openhousejack on: 2006 November 07, 05:26:47
I'm at a loss for words... I think I prefer those that say they have mental health problems so need donation money than that shit....
6  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / More on MTS2 banning links or mentioning PMBD in sigs on: 2006 November 07, 05:13:22
OMG!! Soon everyone is going to have to talk in some kind of weird code because every second word is going to be censored...  S2C is getting way to involved in censorship for my liking.
7  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Retail Sims on: 2006 November 06, 06:55:23
Quote from: "fourohfourerror"
My husband has a government job as well, and the FBI will randomly monitor your activity, be it online or IRL.  So I would be careful if I were her.  Their always watching...

I signed her guestbook!  Don't know how long it will stay up.


OMG! I just about fell on the floor laughing after reading that!!

What a selfish and greedy and stupid little brat she is eh?  Doesn't want to share with no one... And to show pictures of her stuff that she's making only to snatch it away and say 'ner ner, you can't have it!'  truely pathetic and childish.  Think we'd be all better off without her being around anyways.
8  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Retail Sims on: 2006 November 03, 02:53:47
Fool, though I do understand the problem with the Krispy Kreme thing... Wasn't it sims connection that had the Starbucks set and they had to take it down due to copyright?  
Maxis isn't going to do jack shit to help the paysites though, no legal leg to stand on.
9  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / How do we donate files? on: 2006 October 21, 01:42:13
I think ya'll are doing an amazing job as it is and I know everyone here and the many that aren't are grateful for the effort you guys are putting into this.  Thank you!
10  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Carla Niven must be destroyed! on: 2006 October 19, 00:32:19
OMG!  It really is bad stuff isn't it?  It's so horrid I didn't even know it existed b4 now...
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