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286  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Poor Atwat.... on: 2008 October 29, 06:46:56
Hmm.  That pretty much seems to be part of his sad and tragic reality.  The thing is, he says likes negativity.  Says its like a "reactor that breeds its own fuel".  The same could be said of positivity, as positivity also begets positivity.  The vital difference between the two is that one is always going backwards (negativity), the other forward (positivity).  Personally, I prefer to be going forward.  You don't achieve much by going back. In fact, when you think about it, negativity is a rather pointless and irrational state of being.  So I guess that sums up Pescado nicely - Pointless and Irrational.
287  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Poor Atwat.... on: 2008 October 28, 22:52:28
For someone who praises logic over emotion, Pescado is a highly emotional and irrational individual.  He easily submits to anger, hatred, pessimism and other such negative emotions.  Negativity, Pescado, can be a highly self destructive force.  Negativity ultimately generates further negativity.  Which means further reason to be miserable.

 Aristotle stated in his writings on the Ethics, that the meaning of life was happiness, since it was the only thing we do purely for the sake of itself.  Everything we do in life, we do it, because it makes us happy to do so.  We desire happiness for none other than happiness in itself.  Pescado rants and raves, preaches his deranged doom and gloom mentality because, by Aristotlan logic, he thinks it will make him happy.  The problem there is that happiness is positive state.  As negativity begets negativity, not positivity, then one could logically conclude that as long as Pescado will never be truly happy.  Life will eternally move from misery to misery for him, ultimately crushing and destroying him in ways his enemies never could.  Yes, I know.  Sad, but there you have it.
288  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Poor Atwat.... on: 2008 October 26, 01:01:39
I've actually got Aspergers. It isn't obvious in me now, but as a kid I was apparently pretty  bad. 

My parents never told me until I was 23, so it was quite a shock to find out.  They didn't want me growing up with a label.  At school I would get picked on and stuff and I would never really understand why.  I am a pretty outgoing person, very cheerful with my worst trait being that I am a little loquacious.  You wouldn't describe me as being shy, or bereft of a sense of humour, either.  Over the years I've made a lot of social improvements.  I've got a bunch of pretty good friends, an active social life, and a husband who loves me.  No kids though, I've got PCOS to boot.

Thing is, life is hard for most people, its not unique to someone who's different - but if most people actually got a clue, then maybe it wouldn't be as hard for someone who's different, because they wouldn't have idiots giving them extra to deal with.
I agree.  The problem is, people in general have so little understanding or awareness of disabilities or mental illness.  To them, people with disabilities are 'retards', and those with mental illness are 'crazy' or 'loopy', and those labels are all that they will see, and whats worse, its all that they want to see.  People get surprised when I say I have a neurological condition because I'm not what people expect to see.  A lot of people would be surprised at the number of 'special' people or 'different' people are out there living very normal lives.  (Not us though, just look at The Sims Resource.  A whole Sims 2 site run by 'special' people Cheesy )
289  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Good morning, please check here on: 2008 October 14, 22:26:44
My husband's from Cumbria, which lies sort of in between Scotland and Ireland, so he sounds a lot of his words in a similar way.  (English accents are sooo varied.  From what my husband has been teaching me, you can pick where an Englishperson comes from from their accent.  We always hang it on him about his accent, (is, the oo in cook sounds more like the oo in mood.  And the 'u' sounds are more like 'oo' in cook than an 'uh' sound, so butter and pub, sounds like 'booter' and 'poob'.  He always insists that he is speaking proper English.
290  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Good morning, please check here on: 2008 October 14, 06:42:10
Dani, not all Australians use the word 'bloke', these days.  Its a somewhat archaic word.  I grew up in rural Australia, and I'm from a Anglo-Australian background (aka. Aussie or Skip).  And I don't use the word 'blokes', nor do any member of my family.  Mates, yes.  'Bloody hell!', yep.  'Bugger' on occasion.  'Wanker', all the time (we had a few driving round in my old neighbourhood too.  But not 'Bloke'.  Some people use it, I guess
291  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: why is everyone here so means?! on: 2008 September 27, 22:54:32
For some reason, I'm a big one for baklava.  Its a kind of sweet lebanese pastry.  Crushed nuts, usually walnuts, wrapped up in filo pastry and soaked in a honey syrup.  That and pavlova.  I rule the sweet toothes Smiley
292  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: why is everyone here so means?! on: 2008 September 23, 23:05:43
I actually happen to think calalilly is one of the nicest.  Soggyfox, Calalily and Tomato in that order.  Cala can get her hackles up sometimes, especially about spelling and grammar, so I noticed.  And personally, I agree with her.  fcku gramma n speling!

Pescado isn't mean.  He just thinks he is.  Paden is the mean one.  She wins that one, hands down.
293  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: why is everyone here so means?! on: 2008 September 18, 12:22:49
Yes, little n00b, they are cruel, vicious, heartless bastards.  They will bully and torment you without mercy.  And why?  Because they likes to.  Because they thinks it is fun.  And guess what, sweet mindless, innocent little n00b.  It is (fun).  *laughs in an evil, and insanely hysterical manner*
294  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Poor Atwat.... on: 2008 September 10, 08:05:29
Thomas was mostly talking about sharing my work with a bigger community and such

tsk tsk tsk.  Thoma$ is a deluded idiot if he truly believed what he was saying to you, and I honestly believe he did.  Between MTS2, Insim and Nouk's rather ample network of freesites, there would have to be more than twice what is on offer at his crappy site.
295  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR ATTACKS! WE CAN HAZ NEW LEGAL THREAT! on: 2008 September 09, 23:32:41
TapThatBooty, these cruel, heartless bastards Tongue will rip into anyone given even half an excuse.  Don't take it personal.  Its just their idea of fun.

I'm an absolute shocker with morning showers.  I've actually passed out a few times in them.  A friend of mine has done similar, wound up in hospital with his jaw all stitched and stapled up.  Mornings are very slow for me. 
296  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Poor Atwat.... on: 2008 September 09, 23:07:27
E N A Y L A !!!!! Wooooohooooo!!!!!!!! Fangirlfangirlfangirlfangirlfangirlfangirlfangirlfangirl!!!!!! Grin

Excuse me for acting like an absolute 12, ladies and gentleman, but its Enayla, you understand.  My game is like a shrine to her legendary greatness.  A graphic artist of her calibre is proof of just how unbelievably inferior paysites truely are.

OMG.  I cannot believe it took me this long to post a comment on this thread
297  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR ATTACKS! WE CAN HAZ NEW LEGAL THREAT! on: 2008 September 07, 00:20:53
Excessive bathing weakens the immune system and is a mark of the soft and weak. Plus it is that much harder to damage me when you have to chop your way through an armored layer of encrusted grime.
On what grounds do you base that argument Fish Brains?  Folks had similar ideas up until the 1900s - very few lived to be over 50 as a consequence, and many were riddled with all sorts of maladies.  It was only after Florence Nightingale introduced the concept of actually washing that people began to live longer, and were less prone to disease. Are you scared that if you have a shower, you'll disintegrate and vanish down the plug hole?

Have we got a few nurses here?  Cool. My sister and my mother are both Registered Nurses (well, my mum's retired now.  Got really sick about 10 years back.  Was diagnosed with Protien C deficiency, had a blood clot in her aeorta).  Just so you know, here in Australia, there are two kinds of nurses.  ENs or Enrolled Nurses, who have a Diploma.  They can do a lot of the care jobs but they are not allowed to do needles, or vary medication or anything like that.  RN's or Registered Nurses have a Degree or greater, and they are also required to update their studies every year.  But they have a lot more knowledge and authority in a hospital.  Most of the nurses I know are very no nonsense and down to earth individuals, who have had to put up with way to much crap as part of their job.
298  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Free Content Pwns Paysite Crap on: 2008 August 23, 05:55:39
Mines fine and curly, but there is a lot of it, so it can frizz out a bit if I don't do anything with it.  I got crap at school for 'not brushing' either.  Since become a total hair junkie.  I put a bit of mousse in it every day to control it.  I've got a salon grade hair dryer with a proper diffuser, it gives it a nice curl and no frizz.  If its being a bitch I just get the straigtening iron onto it, or I use some hot rollers and set it.  That or I just tie it back.  I swear by salon shampoo and conditioner now.  Always thought the stuff about being salon grade stuff being better than anything you can get at a supermarket was total bs, but I found a wholesale shop that sells salon stuff cheaper than supermarket stuff, and now won't touch stuff from the supermarket- my hairs gone from unmanagable to almost manageable.  As I said, total hair product junkie.
299  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Your Ugliest Paysite Creation Find: Round Two. on: 2008 August 15, 13:52:57
The hair file. Either that's a hideously ugly woman with flat as hell tits, or a transgender male. But the pyjama's definately are, umm, innovative.  It sort of looks like a whore after a night out with the team.  Classy stuff!!  Rose should be commended for such godawful, appalling, hideous crap.
300  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Your Ugliest Paysite Creation Find: Round Two. on: 2008 August 15, 12:23:25
If you guys want to talk about ugly.  Check out the latest Rose hair.  I've been staring at it in fascination, just trying to work out if its a man or a woman.  I've come to the conclusion that it is a hermaphrodite.  Groundbreaking work that.
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