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91  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Official Survey: They're going to sell individual downloads!?WTF?! on: 2008 June 30, 17:46:10
Well, I have to break out of lurk mode for this one.  Wow. 

That definitely helps.  Thanks for breaking that down.  What I don't get is... the Sims franchise has been around for ages.. If they're going to go this route, why recycle shit that 90% of us already have via EPs & SPs?  An SP is what? $19.99?  So if my math is correct.. you break about even if you were to just go out and get the damn SP as opposed to downloaded shit from this *store*.
It's a marketing tactic--it looks like you're spending less when you're only spending a buck at a time as opposed to shelling out the whole twenty bucks at one time.  Of course, if you actually calculate it it isn't at all, but most of the people EA is counting on buying this stuff aren't acute enough to do that.  Roll Eyes  The bottom line is that, if you haven't bought EPs/SPs yet, you probably won't, and this is the way EA can squeeze more money out of you if you aren't willing to pay the price the first time around.

I'll ditto chemistrycourtney and say that, even if I were willing to pay for EAxis shit, I wouldn't buy anything with the crappy pictures they have up now.  But then again, it's not me that they're trying to win over, it's the people that'll buy anything.  Roll Eyes

What pisses me off to no end is that people like Thomass and Peggy (and now EA) are taking advantage of Sims players that are too short-sighted to realize that there's much better content out there.  Sigh.  I know it's typical of big corporations like EA, but it still pisses me off.  It's just such a respectful way to treat your paying customers. Roll Eyes

I also have no doubt that, does EA release anything decent, it'll make its way around even though it can't be in the booty.  That's the sad thing--EA is turning its customers against it in its attempt to make a quick buck.  Sorry for the rant (and the eye rollage), but I'm not feeling very sympathetic toward EA now. Angry
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