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1  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Look at what I made and om nom nom it! (Post your creations pt. 2) on: 2008 September 11, 06:14:40
Thank you everyone! <3
Nouk, I love your new hair. It's so wispy! <3 <3

I wanted to let people know that I uploaded my new hair.
I tried to upload on MTS2... but I could not load their uploads section.... so it's only available on my website.
I did 13 colours though. 3 of which are streaked. ^^



Download is in the hair section:
Eclipse Sims 2

hmm, I left this note on GoS too.
*runs off to bin earrings*
2  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Look at what I made and om nom nom it! (Post your creations pt. 2) on: 2008 September 10, 00:00:56
I still here! I wanted to finish him before I started forum posting again.. because I always get caught in an internet vortex whenever I browse forums... and I can never get out for hours!!! (Especially here... oh so much to read and so many meatslab attire to cry at...)

Anyways... he's done. W00t!
But I provided links to downloads, more info, and a bunch of In-Game shots HERE:
Eclipse Sims 2 Version
MTS2 Version

Here is Count D ver. 2.0 o^_^o

This picture is just a screencap that I painted over and prettified. (NOT In-Game!)


X-Posted at GoS. Because GoS is <3.
3  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Look at what I made and om nom nom it! (Post your creations pt. 2) on: 2008 August 04, 13:27:42
Fway, that hack thingy is so neat. ^^
That does sound better. I don't have BV, but I'd use that if I did.

"Who needs a ride" when there is no car around? That sounds kinda... dirty. But then, I'm a perv.. so...


tio_r, those are really nice recolours. <3 It looks like you used just the right amount of contrast to match with the original game shades, but still kept nice detail. ^^


I'm also letting people know my recolours are up. They are still in moderation on MTS2, but you can get them off my LJ thing right now if you don't want to wait.
10 colourz!! (with a Z cuz "Z" is cooler than "S") The grammer nazi is angry!

Banner. So not In-Game. Can you spot the lenzzzzzzzzz flare? Doin' it right? Doin' it wrong?!?!!112  Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

In-Game Shots + Info + Download: Clicky Clicky

4  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Look at what I made and om nom nom it! (Post your creations pt. 2) on: 2008 August 01, 17:26:24
Wow Dark Lunaris, that is a gorgeous sim. Did you make the skin and everything yourself?

I don't play fantasy sims, but I am sorely tempted by that one!

Thank you! <3 ^^

Yes, all the custom content is mine, except for the beauty mark under his eye. lol ^^
5  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Look at what I made and om nom nom it! (Post your creations pt. 2) on: 2008 August 01, 11:44:09
~*My Mirador Sim*~

He's done and uploaded (at least to my journal thing).
I uploaded a barbie-skin version to MTS2, but it's still in the moderation queue.
If you don't mind Non-Barbie skin (femmy nipples and a bit of nether hair), then you can get him on my journal now.
His hair is terrible on polygons, so I made a bunch of warnings. Sad

Banner Not In-Game

Following pictures In-Game:


OH, and another thing. My bumpmaps for all my old sims are messed up!!!
I uploaded fixed versions of all the outfits on MTS2 in the downloads for each respective Sim!!

Fixed Ash, Dilandau, Miguel, Phoenix, and Miles!!

I also Uploaded "Bon Voyage" versions for all my accessories. Someone test them cuz I don't own BV! :p


For more pictures of Mirador + random information and the downloads, go here:
Download and Previews for Mirador


X-Posted on GoS

6  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Free Content Pwns Paysite Crap on: 2008 July 30, 20:32:59
The pay braid looks deformed. The head looks inflated and the braid is bent with a really unnatural angle.

It's not hard to see which one is a thousand times better.

And I'm sure the pay braid has crappy animations, or cuts into stuff because the bone assignments suck.
7  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: More Smutty Than You: TSR's Hall of Shame on: 2008 July 30, 20:03:20
This was posted at GoS. It's not so much smutty, as really incredibly offensive.


Does Evi know what it feels like to have an ED?

Obviously not.

So, I suppose it's cool now to create sims with illnesses that have a mortality rate of 1 in 5.


I find that highly offensive. And I'm not easily offended by internet.

I'm very surprised that is even allowed to be uploaded... Tsr is a shithole.
8  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Your Ugliest Paysite Creation Find: Round Two. on: 2008 July 21, 21:40:31
DL, you should pwn Peggy's crappy ultra-long hair. Sheepishly admits to having them in her game  It would be very cool to have a free alternative.

I might... because I was considering making that character too.. ^^ But He'd be adult size with no tail like my last one.
My website is here... but it's very under construction with many broken links and no downloads ready.
Eclipse Sims 2
9  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Your Ugliest Paysite Creation Find: Round Two. on: 2008 July 21, 17:56:06
Oh, lookie here! Isn't this just wonderful?

I don't know about any of you, but I've always wanted concrete counters and potted forests for my dream kitchen.

That is some very orange piss. The person was either sick, or it's fermented piss.
Maybe BOTH!

I also like the style of the octopus hair, but I HATE the bangs. And the only reason I like the wavy crazy streams of hair is because I have a character with hair like that... (but he's a 3.5ft tall  necromancer elf-faerie freak thing)... sooooo yea... it's necromancer hair. lol

Observe 2 (He's at the top).

These pictures are really freakin old... blargh
10  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Look at what I made and om nom nom it! (Post your creations pt. 2) on: 2008 July 15, 23:43:15
The dark lunaris elf is extremly well made.Have seen hundreds of elfes .This one is the best.
Only one thing I do not like:It is the gift-deco on the behind...sorry but it looks a little bit "strange" to me,lol.All the rest is perfect.

Thank you! ^^
Yeah, he's got a bow. lol
It looks pretty at other angles because the lace is alpha edited and the ribbon is actually white under the alpha.
Thing is, I sort of thought having the bow looked a little funny, my actual character does have a bow, but he has a tail too that it sits over and seems to fit better. I didn't give him the tail in sim form, so it probably doesn't work quite so well. I was going to make it bigger with longer ribbons too so it may not have looked so cropped, but then there would be more cutting into chairs and stuff. Sad
Plus, I admit, more modeling and I got lazy. LMFAO!  Cheesy
11  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Look at what I made and om nom nom it! (Post your creations pt. 2) on: 2008 July 14, 11:30:43

Version 1. Anything freaky, like the hole in her head (alpha's a seperation lol) will be fixed. The head part took ages to make, holy crap. But next time I'll know how to do it faster.  I might make the forehead higher, I'll see how that looks.

That hair is totally gorgeous! I'm so in love with it! The textures and shape are perfect.
12  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Look at what I made and om nom nom it! (Post your creations pt. 2) on: 2008 July 14, 11:28:00
OMG!!! Okay.. I'm done him. Freakin' done. I wanted to make some fangs for him (but all my accessories like that are all ages + genders because I am just that damn picky) so I said forget it ATM.. too damn much work.

Now, he is my own character from my own twisted brain, so I dunno how many people will want to DL him. I mostly made him for myself. He's disturbingly effeminate, so unless you're into that kind of thing, he probably will be odd in your game. D:

He's supposed to have a tail. But screw that. (I think tails look odd in sims anyways, they tend to cut too much on chairs and junk...).......

He does have his elf/lynx ears though. They have bumpmaps too and are for all ages + genders.


All of my previous sim downloads that have bumpmapping are MESSED UP!!! Why did no one say anything? Dilandau's shoulder plates are totally warped. DDDD:
I got a new videocard and saw the horrors. My old card displayed the mapping, but not properly and I had no idea about the fug. D:

So now I need to remap all my previous sims and upload new files. YAY. What fun....

(Of course, if your videocard is crappy like my old one, you won't notice).

Anyways, Mirador has PROPER bumpmaps now, I hope to god.
I tried my best to not make stuff look like dented foam, because I hate that....

Also, Nouk asked about my hair. Sorry, I did not see the post till now.
It's really high poly.. I think because I layer a LOT..... plus I don't like working with sections of hair that have less than 3-5 faces per row...... Hopefully this will be my biggest hair and everything in the future will be waaay smaller....
Polycount is a horrific 11,000 on the finished hair... but I'm still lower than a good amount of new Peggy and Raon hair at least.

The hair is also finished for all ages + genders and I did 10 colours... I'll upload it sometime in the future with 50 warnings on it.

He has earrings too. They will fit all ages + genders but they are tapered to fit the special ears.. they may work okay on regular ears too though. :/

Anyways, here are some full pictures. I cut some because they are HUGE!


The outfit has a fatmorph. It's quite scary. O.o
13  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Random rant that was on the Booty shopping list on: 2008 July 14, 10:54:34
I was only kidding about the kiss my ass, it was kind of like saying, "get outta here, you've GOT to be joking!" My husband plays all Final Fantasy and loves it, but his most favourite are from Konami. Yeah, you guessed it, he loves the Metal Gear series. He's also an old school console gamer, from Nintendo to Atarii to Sega, he loves and plays them all. Sonic, Zelda, Clocktower, you name it, I think he's owned it at one time... help??

lol!! OMG Clock tower is awesome. I recently replayed it with my bro and a bunch of his friends and we were screaming like idiots at the scissor man. That game is epic.
I love sonic as well. Most of my favourite games are really old ones too. I like a select few new titles, but that's all.

And I totally know you were joking, that's why I started videogame ranting. I do it all the time with my friends for fun... and one of my good friends special powers is his "advanced criticism"... or so he claims.. and he pretty much attacks everything with it, regardless of who likes it. I sometimes forget people who don't talk to me often may not realize I'm fooling around when I rant. ^^
14  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Random rant that was on the Booty shopping list on: 2008 July 12, 23:30:04
Eh, this may be apples and oranges, but I was always in love with Earthbound and Chrono Trigger. Very few games have even come close in enjoyment.

I love ChronoTrigger.
I did not play through earthbound though. I only played the very beginning... but I had a lot of very immature fun with how you get to name your dog and your favourite food and your friends and stuff.... oh lord... the things I'd make Ness eat for dinner..................

I should probably actually play through it though, I've heard only good things.
15  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Random rant that was on the Booty shopping list on: 2008 July 12, 23:15:47
It seems there can never be a discussion about FF without someone getting butthurt because inevitably someone hates on one of the games that another thinks it's the best game ever..   Roll Eyes  It's silly because it shouldn't matter what someone else thinks of the game you love.  You can still play it and enjoy it, right?  Right.  What I personally find offensive is that the person causing the butthurt is going to the trouble to upset people to begin with.  There's always going to be someone in the crowd that likes a game, especially with a popular series like FF.  It speaks to their character (shit stirrer) and you don't need to stoop to their level. 

So go on hating 8 and X-2, Dark Lunaris.  No one should give a damn but don't expect anyone to think any better of you for it either.  I know I don't and I know I would feel that way even if I did agree with you, which I don't.

Aww, I wasn't offended or butthurt at all. I always argue over games with my friends. It's all in good fun. Sorry if I sounded rude. It's only imo, just like ff9 sucking is imo too. I don't mind. My good buddy loves FF8 and I come in screaming it sucks at him, then he says ff9 sucks at me and we have a laugh. I didn't think anyone here was trying to be offensive either. It's just a game. (although I do tend to tear into things too much I admit, it's a bad habit).

Seriously, I didn't mean to offend anyone or anything. ^^
I'm just getting too comfortable around here.  Cheesy

Maybe I should talk about what I like more than what I don't like. I like The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past. That is my favourite Zelda game. ^^
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