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1  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR nukes GoS >=( on: 2010 April 30, 03:45:27
Sadly, Witchboy, I had never found these types of great sites, that could've saved me a small fortune, until too late.  Ya know what they say ... "A fool  and his money....".  I keep checking the mirror for the big "L".  Roll Eyes
2  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR nukes GoS >=( on: 2010 April 30, 02:33:17
I haven't made a post here before, only lurked (when I can remember my password).  I'm extremely angry at TSR for yet another attempt to harm a beloved website.  I use to have a subscription with TSR, until they messed around with Reflexsims and BPS.  I refused to renew and only would use content found through PMBD.  I'm also angry at EA, so I used the "email us" link at to send them the following comment.  I hope it might inspire others to do the same.  I know it won't be of any use to the free forums, but it could send EA a wake-up call if they start receiving alot of these types of comments.  (You will need to have an account with them .... as most should if you registered your games).

"Having been an ardent fan of the Sims 2 and it's expansions, I do have to state that I will never buy an EA product again.

I have been reading on the forums that The Sims Resource has committed another affront to the thousands of fans by making false accusations against a well-loved forum ... The Garden of Shadows which resulted in the sites removal from their server - GoDaddy.  They have done this type of sabotage to other forums over the years and I find it disheartening that EA refuses to make a statement, remark or warning to this website.  Until such time as this occurs, I will refuse to buy/boycott any EA products.

Thank You for your time"

I included my full name and address with this, but I'm sure they would have that information already.  They do have my user account information.  I fully understand it won't do any good, but it did make me feel good doing it.  Thanks for letting this lurker post this.

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