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1  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR: In Ur Accounts, Deletin Ur Stuffs! on: 2009 April 02, 12:48:03
Coconut has just posted a bit more about this. Enjoy.

P.S. TSR sucks.
2  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Streetchickers donation files on: 2008 December 15, 18:47:55
I don't like coffee, either. Coffee-FLAVOURED stuff, sure. Kahlua, chocolate-covered espresso beans, Jamocha shakes, coffee pastille candy, YUM. Coffee in a cup? I love the smell, but I have never taken to drinking it.

It's not the caffeine. I drink soda pops, teas, and Red Bull-like beverages and eat chocolate with impunity. I can drink several or eat a mess off chocolate and go to bed without sleep disturbances.

Chocolate-covered espresso beans, when not taken in moderation, do tend to cause a strange effect, in that I free-associate and amuse people with my antics for a while.

I should go buy some.
3  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re:, a new paysite? on: 2008 December 14, 08:30:25
Jass = asshat.

What's the Turkish phrase for "you are a thieving asshat scumbag?"
4  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Paysite Macros on: 2008 December 14, 07:50:28

I only wish more had been submitted to LJ's sims secret community.

5  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Photoshop shopped! on: 2008 December 14, 06:51:26

Ah, now THAT looks more like a true home!

I hurted myself ROFFLE-ing. It is all your fault.  Tongue

This entire thread is EPIC WIN. (The topic and pix, not the crap payfiles, naturally.)
6  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: EA has been SUED 5 TIMES MERRY CHRISTMAS EA MUHAHA ARR! on: 2008 December 14, 05:52:44
I bought World of Goo precisely because of the lack of copy protection and "two d00dz in basement" thing.

I, too, have issues with Steam, which means no Portal for me. BASTARDS.

Also, had no idea Lemmi had quoted my EA correspondence spoof here. It's a bit off-topic for a serious (SRS!) thread about actual lawsuits and useful documentation of actual correspondence. It's based on several true stories of my frustration dealing with EA, BUT is certainly noting a lawyer or advocate could ever use.

SecuROM ate my CD-DVD burner functionality, too. I have a Sony VAIO laptop, and Sony's SecuROM broke the hardware functionality of their own laptop. WTF.

I have, but never installed, BV, and have refused to pay EA a penny since. I use my lappy primarily for grad school thesis work, so I can't risk a tainted ARRRR! file, nor do I have a lot of free time to do recreational things anyway. EA's arrogance in installing malware without my permission on my machine, denying it, and then being asshatty about it and DOING IT AGAIN with even more virulent strains of SecuROM has permanently lost them my patronage, and I have a fair bit of expendable income they won't be getting a percentage of, ever.
7  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: More Smutty Than You: TSR's Hall of Shame on: 2008 December 14, 05:22:33
There's naked, and then there is nude. Naked is being caught without clothes on purpose, nude is being caught without clothes by accident.  Tongue

There's also nekkid, as in butt nekkid. That's being without clothes on purpose, but not having an agenda attached. Smiley

Little nekkid toddlers don't bother me, and I can only control what is in MY game. Pedos will find all sorts of non-sexy things sexy, because they are wired goofily in the brain. The existence of babies with no clothes won't encourage pedophiles where there were none before, and banning the files won't stop a pedo from getting jollies from kids.

I find the TSR toddler / kid / teen slutwear far more appalling, frankly, because that is deliberately cladding an underage character in "sexy" outfits. There is really no way to excuse that.
8  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Insim under new management! on: 2008 December 04, 02:05:03
Eledhel: thanks for sharing that. ROFFLE.

Too bad there aren't any admins left to give Walt a custom title of "Clueless Douchewaffle."

LOL @ Walt throwing MOAR bad money after good bad.

Are people really so clueless that they can't figure out the difference between a DDoS attack and a horde of indignant, betrayed community members all indulging in a frantic bank run? With his self-proclaimed Depression Era expertise, he should have figured it out.
9  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Insim under new management! on: 2008 December 04, 01:25:37
You know, each time I start to reconsider and give Walt the benefit of the doubt and accept that he's a possibly gullible victim of K&E's duplicity, greed, lies and treachery, and each time I start to consider feeling a teeny bit sorry for the poor old fool, he goes and does or says something so incredibly asinine, idiotic and / or douchey that I can't be bothered to feel any mercy for the asinine, idiotic, douchebaggy DUMBASS anymore.


*passes around rum caek*

10  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Insim under new management! on: 2008 December 03, 14:07:49
It's been suggested here and on other forums that Walt may try to sell our data as mailing lists. He's desperate now so even if he wouldn't do it normally, he's cornered and losing money. I'd like to see that handled as well, somehow, if it's possible.

Grand idea, heartily seconded.

Even better, scramble them, but make them look legit, so if he tries to sell the email addresses, they are worthless and he gets some other people furious with him.
11  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Insim under new management! on: 2008 December 03, 13:31:51

This is WIN.

12  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Insim under new management! on: 2008 December 03, 00:38:48
I vote for Option #3.

Also, if I were Walt, I'd consider suing Kathy and Eric for misrepresenting the value of the site to me.

I liked the InSIM tool, but I doubt it is that difficult to reverse-engineer and duplicate, should the need arise.

As for the InSIM site itself, let it die. The creators will have their new home(s) soon enough.

Decentralization is usually a good plan, anyway. Anonymous sites that actively discuss protesting Scientology are regularly attacked, and decentralizign has been the key to keep protesters in touch with each other. When you put all your eggs in one basket, the loss of that basket is far more devastating than if you backup useful files and information on more than one site.

Either Pescado or Delphy taking the reigns would be fine with me, but as Delphy has apparently taken a step back after his initial generous offer to buy off Walt The Stupid, it's clearly up to Pescado at this point.
13  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Insim under new management! on: 2008 November 29, 22:12:11
Maybe this will do the trick, Alexia (though the armpit is LULZ).
14  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Insim under new management! on: 2008 November 28, 15:38:56
I feel confident that Glorious Leader will manage to snarfle all relevant booty, and that nothing of importance will be lost.

What little contact I had with kathy was here, and I liked her fine, aside from the incessant BANOOBIE-type talk, but the excuses and money-grubbing donation drives did get a bit old, especially when questions were raised months ago about the amount requested and the frequency of the begging, and then the PMBD censoring on INSIM.

I'm torn between simply quietly P&Ling at Walt from afar, and rushing out to get marshmallows for the inevitable burnination in effigy.

Also, kittun macro above reminds me of my two fuzzies scrapping, a sample of which can be seen here:
No ferrets were injured in the making of this video.

Cheers! *blows dust off of rum and vodka bottles I hid in my secret cache when Real Life got hectic and I had to wander off the ship* GLUG!
15  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Poor Atwat.... on: 2008 July 07, 23:00:59
"oh so totally banned"? Rofl.

My sentiments exactly. HA ha!

Thanks for the Insider Info, coconut. You are a precious resource.
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