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1  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR nukes GoS >=( on: 2010 April 30, 01:35:21
Jesus-just when the best contest was going on, TSR decides to pull this fucking desperate shit.
Why can't they just get it through their head that they are no longer "Masters of the Sims Universe" and have done with it?

Their creators for the most part are asswipes, they host shit, and that's being polite.
Someone, anyone take down TSR, and fast. Nuke the bastards out of the universe, ok? Any way you want, whatever it takes.

I'm tired of them telling us that we're "stealing" free content. EA owns every single pixel ever made, ok, Thomas? You do not. You don't even belong on the block.

And GOS wasn't even hosting "illegal stuff". Go Daddy is so prissy about the whole thing-they should have just said, "prove it in court" and have done with TSR. I don't blame Liegen for being pissed-all of GOS's fans are too.
2  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: rebecah from MTS2 now at TSR on: 2010 April 21, 17:01:48
When you go to FP's site, you can still get free cars. Even though he's probably got a "donate to the cause" button somewhere on that site, it's not required.
Guess he just wants a bigger audience, even though he's famous for his cars. I mean, he made most of the meshes for the cars one sees-and if he didn't, Vovillia helped a lot, as well.
3  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: rebecah from MTS2 now at TSR on: 2010 March 30, 17:42:57
True enough-and probably all the modders that left did so because perhaps they felt that they had reached their technical skill limit. But others on the adult sites did go past a bit the joy of those who enjoy such antics.

It's too bad EA locked up (from what I've heard) the animation stuff in Sims 3-that's probably why the modders aren't doing more creative stuff for Sims 3, and possibly why so many players are constantly bitching about it.

It's sheer laziness on EA's part to do that. They just don't want to bother to please anyone, except their shareholders.

Nothing wrong with furniture-it just doesn't add to the gameplay, what little there is of it. Eventually players will demand more of EA's developers and make them actually create a good working animation set.

That day might come, or it might not. But furniture and pretty dresses only cover up so much of the flaws in the game.

To each their own. If Rebekah finds fulfillment remaking the same stuff over and over again, let her.
4  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: rebecah from MTS2 now at TSR on: 2010 March 30, 13:48:53
Color me disappointed and saddened that she has joined the ranks of former free creators joining the dark side.

What, universal applause and respect wasn't enough for you? You wanted money for your creations? Are you so egotistical that you think people who go on TSR have taste or talent? Is that why other sites have better downloads?

If she wanted money, being a free creator there isn't the way to go. I think she wasn't happy being unknown to the denizens who frequent TSR, and wanted moar love and kisses.

Or maybe she just got tired of submitting her creations for approval at MTS2 and feared she was losing her status. Her stuff is ok, but not stunning. At her best, she was middling passable. I've found that her older animated stuff (bikes, and things like that) are a bit on the rough, wonky side. Too bad she never did get the hang of that.

5  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR: In Ur Accounts, Deletin Ur Stuffs! on: 2010 January 22, 16:01:55
I think there's an option (or there should be, for god's sake) to disable signatures from the posts you read. GOS has that-I don't know if SS does. It would make more sense, because that site lags so badly with all the shiny signatures and emblems. Like who the fuck cares what group you belong to? What are you, a Russian general?
"The Sparkly Ladies Forum" is what I call it. Eye-blinding, too. That's why I avoid it most of the time.
But I must admit that some of the side-bar graphics are nice.
6  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: BREAKING NEWS: EA FUCKS TSR on: 2009 December 18, 02:15:11
Being of a suspicious and paranoid mind, I just wonder how "accidental" this was. EA trashing the number one way most Simmers get their downloads, in favor of the EA store stuff?

What if it isn't accidental? What if it is permanent? What if EA never releases a patch to fix it?

Oh, my mind spins at the very thought. TSR would be out of business in a month, or less.

Not that I would care about TSR's problems. It'd be just like EA to do this because they're less stupid than TSR, although that's a very far reach.

Oh, the fail. It's just so earth shattering.
7  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: BREAKING NEWS: EA FUCKS TSR on: 2009 December 17, 03:09:26
This makes about 5 patches (and counting) so far, from what I've seen.

Each one is screwing the game up even worse than it was before. Poor Sims 3 players are such suckers and masochists to put up with this shit all the time.

"Oh, it's not the patch, it's your CC. Uninstall your game, remove your mods/CC, re-download the patches and reinstall your game."

How many times does it take for an average simmer to finally get sick and tired of this shit?
2 or 3 dozen times?
Is it really worth all this crap just to play a sub-par game?

By this time, I'd be throwing away the game and calling it good riddance.
8  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: BREAKING NEWS: EA FUCKS TSR on: 2009 December 17, 02:36:07
I thought we weren't gonna get any Christmas presents this year! This is a beaut, one for the records!

No, do not wake up Johan. He's going to hear about it soon enough. I have a funny feeling that TSR is going to have a very bleak Christmas.

Although I don't really think it will be permanent. EA would lose so much by letting this one slip by. They'll be fixing it presently.

Meanwhile, pass the rum and the eggnog!
9  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR: In Ur Accounts, Deletin Ur Stuffs! on: 2009 December 16, 00:49:02
Whenever anyone mentions the Pirate King, I always think of Errol Flynn in Captain Blood.  Cheesy

Any resemblance between living and dead peoples is surely coincidence.
10  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR: In Ur Accounts, Deletin Ur Stuffs! on: 2009 December 14, 11:32:13
Actually, the split among the community began long ago when TSR started charging for downloads of Sims stuff. PMBD and MATY were created in part to counteract TSR's ways and in doing so, widened it when their customers discovered free stuff that TSR does not provide and has no interest in doing.
TSR is interested mostly in making money from pixels-not community outreach. Just like EA. In the long run, they're doing as much good as EA when something goes wrong with the game-they'll ignore complaints and remove comments from unhappy customers if it suits them.
Then TSR will deny ever having problems at all. Need proof of EA's attitude? Go to the Sims 3 forum to see what their unhappy customers say about the company and how EA responds.
Need proof of TSR's attitude? Check out the previous pages.
Even if Johan is the "good face" of TSR, it does not absolve his brother and his henchmen from previous bad acts. Creator theft and site hacking are not good for your company's image.
Most well-run companies also do background checks on all personnel as a first step in the hiring process. That's a must in any company that wishes to stay in business. You don't give the keys to people who are capable of rampaging through the halls screaming at the top of their voice "Me First!" while holding a shotgun in their hand.
They also don't rehire said people when they're discovered looting the company's safe. Just not done.
Just because someone is an "artist" does not mean they're incapable of stupid, criminal stuff and that they should be given the pass for it because of their "artistic sensibilities".
11  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR: In Ur Accounts, Deletin Ur Stuffs! on: 2009 December 14, 01:05:25
Because Thomass does not even dare to show his wanky face in this forum, he sends his little brother in for the task. Call it retroactive PR, and damage control.
That does not mean Johan is clueless. Just that he doesn't have Thomass' cut-throat meanness, yet. He might be "just a technician" but I've found the smarter you are, the more involved your job.. Johan makes TSR work technically.  Thomass spends the money that is brought in by the work Johan does.

But don't be fooled-Johan would not be here if Thomass had not ordered him to be here: "Go to all the community and spread the manure around, thickly. They might even buy it."

It's also called "deniability."

12  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR: In Ur Accounts, Deletin Ur Stuffs! on: 2009 December 08, 05:24:44
No offense but i don't think you're neutral enough for me to take your word for it, could you perhaps let someone neutral have a look at it? The prism people perhaps?

I'm going to state this: Prism/RYG is not going to become involved with this affair whatsoever. At least 2 of our members (one of them being myself) were on that list, and as such, that makes us "un-neutral" to judge anything, even if we wanted to, which we do not.

Talk to lawyers if you really want a neutral party. They're good at judging your case and how you'll fare in the legal system.
13  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR: In Ur Accounts, Deletin Ur Stuffs! on: 2009 December 07, 22:42:07
You might not be in the loop, Johan. Your brother, though, knows full well what he has said in the past to several people, including Inge about sharing private information with other people at TSR.
You might go look that reference up. Inge has stated that Thomas has told her that it was fully justified when information was shared because he deemed it piracy of his creators. Since when does breaking the international laws on privacy become justified? When the profits fall?
Write Coconut a letter about this. She might have something to say about TSR. Hell, go look her blog up. She's got a lot of stuff you might be surprised about.
Oh, and go to hell. I was one of those on that list.
But getting the blame for all things that go wrong in the community? You have excellent company-EA is number one. Between them and TSR, the Sims community is constantly roiling from one disaster to another.
14  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR: In Ur Accounts, Deletin Ur Stuffs! on: 2009 December 05, 02:32:31
I don't think I saw your name on it. But you know my name and another friend of ours is on it. Damn, what a stupid idea that was!
15  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR: In Ur Accounts, Deletin Ur Stuffs! on: 2009 December 03, 02:33:06
I believe Coconut has not lied to us about this entire chain of incidents-mostly because she herself was hacked by TSR not that long ago-her IP was contacted (I forget the reason) and her site was shut down on the word of people who have not yet been identified-but it's a good guess that it was Thomass and his scurvy henchwomen spreading lies about her.
That's how she ended up on Pescado's server. She had nowhere else to go without Thomass trying his best to eliminate her from his world view. She's also an insider at TSR. Why would she lie about the place she lives at? It serves no purpose.
Payback's a bitch.
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