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1  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Numenor's Opinion of pay vs free on: 2007 August 23, 23:35:22
Wow - I've been away on vacation and quitting smoking and what do I see as I come back here? Numenor going slightly drama queenish. I'm disappointed in his behaviour, and I'm all the more disappointed not despite how great he is and what good he did/does to the community, but especially because of it. When it comes to pay files, things like greatness and helpfulness become utterly irrelevant - judgement on the matter needs to stay depersonalized in order for the principle to remain objective, and thus valid. We don't judge the creator, we judge the file. Is it pay? yes? Then let it be booty. It really is that simple, to me.
2  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Shino&KCR, or "wait.....what?" on: 2007 August 04, 22:22:43
First of all, about this:

Quote from: "shino"
ok this really is the last post

just...stop saying that, mkay? after a while, it makes you sound less than 12 :roll:

You know, shino, the saddest thing is that while you've been doing your best to get flamed and dodging questions you are obviously too ashamed to answer, you failed to reply to the OP, Hecubus, the person who used such nice words to describe your stuff that I, sensing how this was going to end,   instantly felt bad for her. Her posts just oozed how much she loves your creations, her enthusiasm about your site and how she genuinely believed in you, to the point of emaling you her compliments and advertising your  site among her friends...You chose to ignore her, and that's, I repeat, very sad on your part. Not that I expected any better, because as I said in my previous post, you people who go pay - and especially pay at TSR - all become so predictable when doing this step it ain't even funny anymore. If there was one person whose opinion you should have respected and taken into consideration, it was Hecubus'. But you pay people just don't give a fuck about the simmers who love your creations and appreciate your work, and the way you treated Hecubus ignoring her disappointment and posting tasteless things about how you are here for the sole purpose of being "entertained" really makes it crystal clear. Now who exactly showed their true face?
3  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / New MTS2 Rules on: 2007 August 04, 00:52:21
Quote from: "Plum"
Anyway, I'm open to seeing whether or not this new policy works out, but my concerns remain.

As does mine, Plum. My opinion mirrors yours, and it's definitely not a matter of being uncomfortable about change, really. God knows I would completely approve a change way more radical than that. I appreciate the new step forward that this change means, but I still think the only way to fight the plague of pay stuff and ultimately destroy paysites is to cut them out entirely, to isolate them.

The thing is, Delphy is very clear about the fact that destroying paysites is not his or his site's goal, while ours is precisely that. He honestly believes, if I understood correctly, that by targeting just the free items of the paysites, paysites will hopefully end up weakened to the point where all pay creators eventually go free, while I, as optimistic as I am - and I really am one :wink: - can't bring myself to think it'll work.

The way things are, all new rules and changes included in the picture, I just fear it won't be enough, and in fact I fear the already very well explained by others collateral effect of the newest simmers being involuntarily pushed into the charming world of pay content without even the chance to know better. I've been playing the game since the Sims 1, but up until last December I didn't even know about the concept of "community", I couldn't care less about forums, I would just download stuff from lots of sites until one day, by mere accident, I kind of stumbled upon the free vs pay issue here at PMBD. I stopped by and got involved only because (a) I had always firmly refused to even think about paying for sims stuff and (b, but most importantly) because the issue was approached here in a black and white, no bullshit, matter-of-factly manner, and that's precisely what got my attention. If it wasn't for that, I probably would have gone on simply playing the game without giving a rat's ass about anything else. It may sound bad, but how many people just ignore the community and everything that goes on on forums like I used to? MTS2 believes in sort of educating people, a concept I totally admire, it's just that considering all the mindless players out there, in my opinion more radical tactics would prove more successful in reaching our common target - all content in the community all free for everyone.

But hey, I'll definitely be crossing fingers and doing my best to support MTS2, hoping things will turn out great.
4  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Shino&KCR, or "wait.....what?" on: 2007 August 03, 20:55:24
Quote from: "shino"
let the flaming begin i want to see something

Keep hoping. You're frankly too unknown and irrelevant to have me even remotely interested in flaming you.

Jesus, you people who go pay are all so predictable.
5  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / TSR IS A SUCK-ASS SUCKY WEBSITE on: 2007 August 02, 21:49:19
Wow - do you really expect to come here, of all places, with such huge bullshit and be listened to? I meant to be reasonable but I see you cannot be.  There's no point in seeing your point as, erm, you clearly do not have any're just rambling out of control, and any conversation with you becomes rapidly impossible due to sheer boredom. Seriously, why don't you just leave? People way more articulate and smart and interesting than you have tried to make us change our opinion on the matter and all miserably failed - if only by comparison, you should get that we are really, REALLY so not interested in your, ahem, "ideas".
6  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / TSR IS A SUCK-ASS SUCKY WEBSITE on: 2007 August 02, 20:33:13
The analogy works perfectly as it is because it's about illegal behaviour, and illegal behaviour is exactly what we are talking about. If I find it unacceptable to pay for sims custom content it's because it's immoral and, as of now, whether you like it or not, it's illegal. Dismissing the whole thing saying, like you do, "If you find it unacceptable to pay for sims2 content then by all means don't, it's very simple" just sounds rather irresponsible...You're entitled to your opinions, of course, but the way you're doing it I fail to see your point. It's pretty obvious that what you have in mind is not to thoroughly understand the issue of free vs pay, but just to stubbornly defend paysites no matter what.
7  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / who's the best and the worst TSR creators? on: 2007 August 02, 19:58:47
I've hardly ever downloaded from the TSR's booty because I hate that site so much that I refuse to spend time watching it, I don't even know most of its creators. I know the names for hearing them mentioned, not their creations. I just don't give a damn, I guess. It has happened that someone here has mentioned some creators from there, so out of curiosity I've sometimes checked the booty out and got some stuff, but I can't remember whose stuff it was if my life depended on it!
8  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / New MTS2 Rules on: 2007 July 30, 21:17:02
Hey Delphy don't let any stupid fucktard ruin for you the success of the MTS2 donation drive, such a totally deserved huge success should have sites like TSR (and EA, which I blame for its  ambiguous positions) rot in shame forever and ever...

As for this
Quote from: "Paden"
Keep it up and if they get out of hand, let me at them with my sledge hammer, that's all I ask... or my sense of humour, that's been called a weapon in and of itself... Just ask HideTheRum!  :twisted:

Why yes a very lethal weapon indeed! I kid you not, I almost choked to death recently due to bursting into laughter over one of this lady's amazing posts - and now she won't stop making fun of me :lol:
9  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Well, I don't know how much clearer it can get... on: 2007 July 29, 12:51:02
Heh, it's obvious that I used Paint and we all know it sucks, but my monumental ego wouldn't allow me further efforts to put into image motorwhatevah's fears :mrgreen: BTW, not sure I've credited her enough:  

Quote from: "motorcitymaven"
about your monumental egos and the desire to dominate the Sims Community yada yada (...) What’s next?  A set of garden gnomes with your names on them that run around deleting files you disapprove of in people’s games?

*paces silvecoin's basement wondering if it's a boat house*
10  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Well, I don't know how much clearer it can get... on: 2007 July 29, 02:01:31
11  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Main Street Sims: BTG's Golden Fuck Nut Award Winner on: 2007 July 29, 01:02:07
Quote from: "FightingRose"
I'm not sure whether I should feel sorry for her or scratch my head.

She may be crazy, sure sounds so, but it's also possible she's just particularly idiotic. Until further inspiration, I say let's scratch our heads *scratches*
12  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Main Street Sims: BTG's Golden Fuck Nut Award Winner on: 2007 July 28, 20:35:03
Quote from: "Paden"
*bows head for prayer* Oh Lord, for the wackjob in our midst, may we truly be grateful for she has given us untold mirth and merriment in our hours of boredom, confusion in our moments of whadafuh, and a renewed sense of incredulty in a world that makes us so very jaded that the landing of a ladybugs upon our heads is greeted with a swat upside the cranium to rid us of the insect. Lord, thank you for letting us see true idiocy in its undiluted form and permitting us to realize that compared to this silly BLEEP we are actually sane underneath all of our crazed ramblings. Watch over her and her invisible/non-existant husband, that they may continue to provide proof that inbreeding is bad. Give us the patience to ride out the storm of stupidity that she calls down upon our heads because in the end, we know that she is something that ought to have been placed in a behavioural study as the prime subject, with the main discovery being that brother and sister ought not to marry. Reveal to us who this person is so that we may not smite her, but actually laugh in her face for the rediculous threats and statements, and someday, dear Lord on high, return to her what sanity she ever had. Visit her in her padded cell and take pity on her madness, but not before honking her nose and squirting her with a seltzer bottle in the name of that most holy of clowns, Charlie Chaplin. All this we ask in your name, thank you, most kind Phyllis Diller! Aman!

The above post was made in a spirit of mockery and was not intended to offend anyone. Brought to you by the Save a Bitchy Pirate Foundation.

Dude, Paden. Do you want me dead? I read your posts and risk my life, each time. This time, it was almost done. Choking with laughter may eventually result in actual death, you know. Well, at least it'd be a hilarius death. You are fucking brilliant and I love you to tiny bits :lol:
13  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / PIMP MY SIMS on: 2007 July 27, 00:09:21
Yup, he slammed pretty much everyone. Yes it was funny, no I don't feel offended at all.

Let me just say, though, that his original message on his site, the one before he completely changed it, the one that got me and other people confused about his motives, makes much more sense now. I did say I wasn't able to instantly accept his explanations and that I needed time. Well, time got me my answers :wink:
14  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / A paysite that has slipped through the cracks... on: 2007 July 23, 00:48:44
I just love it when threads derail to cat macros, I always end up on a right-click-save spree that makes my plundering from teh booty pale in comparison  :lol:
15  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / PIMP MY SIMS on: 2007 July 23, 00:32:46
Maybe Solander didn't know they were using him, but he certainly misguided them. See, I'm still having a hard time convincing myself that in his original homapage message he really didn't mean to dump some blame on us  (although why he would do that and then change everything is so beyond me). I just think I don't have to instantly accept his explanations, as things still just sound kind of off to me. Hey, he fucked up in the first place - now I need time, damnit  :lol:
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