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1  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR charging for bucketfill on: 2009 September 10, 00:56:47
No, I don't need to take a deep breath, I wasn't even mad when I posted that but if you continue to act like a patronizing prat, I will rip you a new asshole so wide that you'll never even need to sit to do your business.

Seriously... is that called for at all? I'm not trying to be patronizing; I was trying to clarify what I meant. You just seem to be out for a battle.

It wasn't even aimed at you in particular, so you can pull your horns in. I'd a hell of a lot rather see stuff from people on a free site who at least try than the fuckers at TSR that cut and paste shit, that's for damn sure. And, for your further information, I have always been, and always will be, visceral in my reactions and if you can't handle it, grow a thicker hide and put on your big kid pants, because I'm not changing.

You quoted me, so I assumed it was aimed at me. And I'm not saying that at all... that last line really screams that you're fishing for a reaction, but I'm not interested in a fight-- just having an opinion which, for clarification, was agreement with a poster that too much mindless praise is an odd thing at MST. But the person I was agreeing with wasn't vilified, which is a little odd. Also, I'm not sure what I said that indicates, "I can't handle it..." it does come off as bully-ish, but that's your choice. I'm not really going to be losing sleep or anything...

You want to criticize free sites you go to that site specifically and do it. No matter what your opinion of MTS or any other free site is Act - this is not the place to critique them. The sole purpose of this site is to stand up against pay sites and make it clear that what they are doing is wrong and not acceptable. It is acceptable to critique pay sites and pay sites only here. If you don't like something from a free site complain on that site.

I'm not criticizing MTS (where is this coming from? my wording, I guess). Again, lovely place, best out there, etc. I just found it odd that TS community was so... mindless praise-y. My point was that I'd expect it from a pay site (who need the mindless praise to justify themselves), but it was odd on a site like MST.

You really lose the right to complain about something if you get it for free. Yes the creator/manufacturer may take your criticism into account, but it really doesn't matter cause you don't pay. Someone hands you a free ice cream cone and you eat it, you really can't come back later claiming you don't like chocolate without looking like an asshole after all. Free sites like MTS don't look at content as something exclusive that only sooper speshul people can do ,since they view content as something everyone can create there will be a certain amount of content that anyone can create such as Sims or lots on a given day. If you don't like it - use the filter key, and don't download it. This is a anti-paysite forum, not an anti freesite forum.

It's not that I disagree, but I guess that as a creator I would want to improve myself and crit is a part of that. There's a difference between "OMG DIS SUXORS" and advice on how to improve. Why would one not want their creations to be the best they can be? I dunno, I guess it's odd to me, coming from a writing background, to see that this community is so abject to concrit. No one is being anti-anything... I have no idea how you guys are reading that in what I'm saying.

I'm not interested in a fight, so if anyone feels like taking it up further feel free to PM me, but I will say that I'm a little taken aback at how attacked I was for an opinion of the community that doesn't really relate to the pay-free debate in any strong way. I have to wonder if my post-count was higher if I would have been treated a little nicer. How is flaming someone here for wondering out loud different than flaming someone at TSR for wondering out loud.

This is kind of an odd anomaly in internet sub-cultures I think... this idea that because no money is being made by the artist there is no right to offer opinions. I guess that would explain a lot though... huh. I've been lurking here for a while because there's definitely some unwritten rules you have to learn, but I've gotta say, I've read hundreds of pages of posts and have never seen this kind of outright hostility... especially from Paden, who I'd started to really like based on her posts.

And to think, all I said boiled down to was, "Why is there such a culture of praise in free TS Comms?"
2  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR charging for bucketfill on: 2009 September 09, 22:47:27
We DON'T bash free sites here, so stow that bilge. We DON'T bash free creators, either, unless they go pay and then we unleash the hounds of hell. While we may not like what they upload, we at least give them praise for trying and constructive crit on what they can do to improve. MTS also hosts any number of tools and tutes for those looking to learn and they've got some of the best selection of content in the community. Where the fucking hell do you think the pay motherfuckers go to learn their trade? Sure in the HELL isn't TSR, where yes, the FAs DO get paid. They take their silly asses over to MTS, download the tutes and try to milk the rest of the community for the pixels they put up for download, even if it's half-assed or not even a quarter-assed.

I'm not "bashing" MTS; it's a wonderful site. Nor am I advocating "bashing" free creators. I am, however, expressing surprise at the way no one there seems interested in crit, which is good for the community as a whole. I'm reading my post again thinking my phrasing was off, but your ire seems a little extreme ("Where the fucking hell do you think the pay motherfuckers go...?"). I'm also not sure what TSR FAs have to do with anything. I'm well aware that people such as Delphy and Wes are engines for the entire operation.

There's this problem in pretty much any creative community that people... don't concrit. It surprised me that on a site like MTS where the quality is so consistently good and people tend to expect a lot of them that there doesn't seem to be a big culture of "This is good, but if you xyz it'd be even better..." like the person I was quoting said, there seems to be a pervasive "niceness," which tends to translate into mindless praise. And while I'd expect something like that from, say, TSR or Peggy who thrive on drone-y compliments, it was surprising to me as it was the person I quoted that MTS being as forward-moving as it is isn't a place to go for positive AND negative feedback... and "negative" doesn't mean "bashing," it means, "help improving."

Hope that's clearer. Saw Neriana mention it and I had been thinking the same thing, so agreed. You should probably take a deep breath, though.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, your kind of visceral reaction to my comment is probably an example of why people won't crit... yikes... if, "I'd like to express dissatisfaction with something I can't really explain" qualifies as bashing, I wonder how, "Hm, I'm not a big fan of this but it has its strong points..." would go over. >.>
3  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: TSR charging for bucketfill on: 2009 September 09, 22:10:48
I didn't mean to sound like I was dissatisfied with MTS in particular. I just think the entire Sims community is afflicted with terminal "niceness". Niceness is great for keeping the status quo, and the status quo sucks.

Uh, can I express dissatisfaction with MTS in particular? The comments there, at least/especially on "lookalike" sims, are numb, mindless praise no matter the quality of the upload, and from what I've seen, that's the norm. Over on MS3B if something sucks, people call it out immediately and the mindless praise is by far in the minority. It's actually quite impressive.

It befuddles me that a site like MTS would let this go. Crit and honestly, when done appropriately, would seriously increase the quality of uploads... and inspire the kind of people who thrive on praise to kick it up a notch. Being able to submit half-ass stuff and get your ego stroked encourages you to submit half-ass stuff, and encourages people who don't have that much real skill too submit even worse stuff just for the halibut.

I didn't revive the thread, he did, so I feel like it was a relevant place to vent...
4  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: Freesite Creation Finds - Round THREE - The Sims 3 on: 2009 September 08, 17:34:33
Don't know if anyone here is aware, but this blog keeps track of a huge amount of CC that goes up around the community. They introduced me to Cazy's conversions, which are some of the best, and as such I love them. 95% of the content they feature (if not more-- I saw a Peggy pay hair once or twice, if that) is from free sites, many of them that's I'd never found before, and some of it is really awesome.
5  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Re: More Smutty Than You: TSR's Hall of Shame on: 2009 September 07, 20:59:13
I just can't get over how little concept the creators at TSR (and, I guess, EA if we consider the proportions they've given us... 40-inch waist and 20-inch bustline... WAHOO) of how female body proportions work. It's actually really, really sad if you think about it... these are probably girls who are growing up thinking it's possible and good for a woman to be a 26FF size 0. O_o

Meanwhile, I almost never download the clothing from TSR because the creators there (Liana? Or what is it, Liaannnaaaa?) make these meshes so the sims have fracking tiny-ass waists and huge boobs and comparatively giant heads, and I don't want that shit in my game... it looks so "off" that I could never actually use them and be happy with how the Sims look.

6  The Pirate Ship / Avast! / Re: TALK ABOUT THE BOOTY on: 2009 September 05, 17:16:53
Hey, just as an FYI, something in the TSR section of the Booty was crashing not only my game, but my computer. (To be specific, I would open the sims, play for a little, and then my computer would shut down as if I'd pulled the battery out... this only happened if I ran TS3. The first CC files I cleared were some TSR files I got from here-- I never download from their site-- and that fixed the problem.) I have a ton of CC running, and have never had this issue before.

Files is question were:

ghost-0105 (not sure exactly what this is, but I downloaded all the TSR files here at the same time and carefully sorted them; this was in there)

Anyway, just thought you should know. It may be just me or the way these files interact with other CC I have downloaded, but meh.
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