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1  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / PIMP MY SIMS on: 2007 July 26, 12:20:53
Those are fucking brilliant!  *claps hands to Solander*  Great stuff Cheesy
2  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / New confirmation on: 2007 July 26, 12:14:46
You guys don't you think this is a little suspicious?Huh  To me nohead is a mole from a paysite trying to get info on how to build a new program to avoid EAs EULA to start charging without any repercussions and they are getting free advice and whatnot from us.  Sorry but those are my thoughts.
3  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / wicked sims & hosted sites temporarily offline on: 2007 July 25, 10:26:32
I can get on Dour's but not Sherrie's, Ohhlala, provocative pixie, and simply vogue. :/
4  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Pescado - Arrested? on: 2007 July 25, 10:08:28
I don't know if it's just me, but Pescado looks perfectly content behind those bars LOL
5  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / EA's TOU on: 2007 July 24, 02:29:21
I hear changes are in the wind, but that's all I can say....just be on the lookout though.
6  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / PIMP MY SIMS on: 2007 July 22, 16:29:08
He's running but coming back.  He just wants some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  I just have this feeling that he was planning on doing a redesign of the site and it was gonna go offline for a while anyways and used this as an opportunity to spout.
7  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / PIMP MY SIMS on: 2007 July 22, 16:21:21
:/  I know none of us would demand something from him, since he's a free site, but I know there are others out there that just demand stuff....and his views on paysites and whatnot are irrelevant to me as he's free but this is what we don't want.  We don't want free sites to eventually close (I know he's taking a break and whatnot)

But I must say drama in this community is neverending, it's better than any soup ever made.
8  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / New MTS2 Rules on: 2007 July 22, 09:14:29
*claps hands*  Good!  This will probably encourage free creators as well, as it gives more of them a chance to shine.  (I'm speaking in regards to the pictures part, ie sims used in a lip color ad)  Yes thank you MTS2 team for making this great decision, but that also makes the job a bit hard for you, and I wish you all the best of luck Smiley
9  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Well, I don't know how much clearer it can get... on: 2007 July 21, 16:18:34
:shock: Remind me to always be on the good side of the sim gods....just remind me of sacrifice days cause I'm bad with dates Wink
10  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / New confirmation on: 2007 July 20, 17:39:16
ladidah was advised to edit Wink
11  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / A paysite that has slipped through the cracks... on: 2007 July 20, 17:25:02
yay for kitties!  this was too cute Cheesy

12  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / A paysite that has slipped through the cracks... on: 2007 July 19, 15:21:20
thanks...i looked on the list in the treasure chest and didn't see it, but failed to look in the actual booty time I'll check both Wink
13  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / A paysite that has slipped through the cracks... on: 2007 July 19, 14:59:26
I joined this site back when I first started playing sims, but never subscribed.  I forgot all about it, and would just delete the updates on a regular basis without reading.  Well today I went to look at it and remembered that they were pay but who would want any of their fugly shit I have no idea.  But here they are Smiley

14  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / "The EULA is not law" (apparently) on: 2007 July 19, 14:39:26
(no legalese here) Just look at the exchange as a perfect example though, pay items are available there at any given time.....and since Pets, sim2packs have included meshes, thus inferring that it's meant to be freely shared resources
15  The Pirate Ship / ARR! / Look at what I made and worship me! (Post Your Creations) on: 2007 July 13, 11:19:13
*jumps up and down* pinups pinups pinups pinups!!!!  I'm a dork I know :roll:
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