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Title: Spiffy Sims
Post by: OneEyedWillie on 2007 January 12, 06:13:57
I was just trolling through spiffy sims which can have some really great items and decided to check out their forums and lo and behold they have donation gifts!  I was surprised as I had never seen any mention of it while on the main site.  I looked through gifts and was like eh, all recolors.  I personally wouldn't call this a paysite since 99.99999% is free and of waaaay better quality than the donation gifts (sorry but true).  But I just thought it interesting.....

and the pics of the donation gifts

Title: Spiffy Sims
Post by: BlueSoup on 2007 January 12, 06:21:20
I'd never been to their forum and I'd never heard they had a donation section.

I used to download stuff from there all the time though.  And I wouldn't call it a paysite either.

Title: Spiffy Sims
Post by: Soup Parrot on 2007 January 12, 07:18:34
I just think thats a gray area when its mostly free content, as far as its being pay. I don't consider Holy Simoly pay site, they have 2 sets. All their creations same quality, works good in all packs free and donation. Spiffy, musnt push their donations, I have never noticed that section myself.