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Title: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: Jojoba on 2008 December 13, 22:45:24
Here you may post requests for pay items you would like to be in the booty.  This thread is not for WCIFs but only for requests which comply with the guidelines. Make sure to read the below guidelines for posting in this thread. This is not a place for discussion or questions, you may do both of those in the Talk About The Booty (,1292.0.html) thread.

How to request an item to be placed into the booty:

1. Make certain that it is not already in the booty ( Please make sure to look at the images in the booty when searching for an item. Some creators use a different file name than what they call the item on the site, so looking at the images may be more helpful to you.
2. If the item you want has already been requested, do not make another post requesting it. We will already be aware that the item is wanted, so posting about it again is unnecessary. If you request an item from a site and someone else has requested a different item from the same site previously, both requests will be merged.
3. Once you have been through those steps, make a post in this thread only, listing the name of the item(s) you want and what site it comes from, providing either a small picture or a direct link to the page where the item(s) can be found or the site. Do not make a general request for a site.
4. Be patient. The staff work daily to obtain items for the booty, and your request may take some time. Please note, that should you see your post deleted, do not panic or make another post. This usually means we have received the item and it will be in the booty update as soon as it is safe to do so.
5. Sims 2 or Sims 3 Store and pre-order items will not be hosted in the booty, so do not post asking for these.
6. Do not post requests for Newsea/Raon/Rose/Peggy or TSR items here. Any such posts will be deleted. We actively keep track of these sites and will post updates for them when we are able. Direct all Peggy G shop requests to this thread (;topicseen) at SimsCave.
7. Also note that we do not deal with items from dead paysites, instead look in The Graveyard ( and SimsCave. (

Furthermore, remember that the booty exists solely on your generous donations. Without donations, the booty would not be as thorough as it is.

How to donate an item to the booty:

1. Do not post about obtaining an item or sharing an item in this thread. This thread is for requests only. Donations are kept confidential to try and protect sharers.
2. If you have a set or item or are willing to obtain either, then PM either CatofWar (;u=11687) or Ash_Redfern (;u=654) with your offer. It is best to PM before you buy the item in case someone else has offered the same item already.
3. If you want to donate a sub then PM Ash_Redfern (;u=654) . It is best to PM before you buy a sub in case we already have one.
4. If you wish to help with TSR, then contact DusDeeDawn (;u=6976) in PM before sending her files or gaining a sub. Do not PM her with TSR requests.

Remember that we currently only do TS2 and TS3 items, check out SimsCave ( and CT Occasions ( for TS1.

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: Lisette on 2009 March 29, 11:42:21
Site: Woodlandbunny's Gothic Downloads ( (
Item(s) wanted: Greenrose Cottage - gothsimhouse 1 (1st row, 3rd picture)
WoodlandbunnySims Goth Faerie Tutu - Goth Faerie Tutu (1st row, 5th picture)
WoodlandBunnySims Top and Skirt - corsetshirtpvcmini (3rd row down, 1st picture)
Mesh by Chriko WoodlandBunnySims - PrimroseDress (3rd row down, 3rd picture) (

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: takart on 2009 April 02, 04:02:26
Site: Pandora Sims ( ( )
Items(s) wanted: Sims 2:
Super nude patch II 3.0 Full for Apartment life

edited to remove invalid requests
NOTE: Do *not* request super mod III.  It is Pescado's free mods from MATY, go get them there.

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: AnnieVision on 2009 April 21, 03:33:33
Site: SimsDesignAvenue (
Item(s) wanted: Venus Kitchen, base game compatible (sims 2)

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: eefje on 2009 June 23, 15:12:39
Site: Wallsims ( ( )
Item(s) wanted: Venise office set (

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: lkandak on 2009 August 08, 01:10:10
Site: Ibaya Sims 3 (ón-fashion-patterns/donaciones-donations/) ( )
Item(s) wanted: Sets 6-14
Multisets CUVE special gift
Cocina kitchen

edited to merge requests

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: eiphosonetwoonetwo on 2009 August 22, 03:30:01
Site: Simslice ( ( )
Item(s) wanted: Sims 2:
Presidential Podium & Tip Generating Mics
Outdoor Items set
5 new items to the Hobo Set: 140 Proof Cheap Wine, Cardboard Box Chair, Bronze Trash Chute, At-Home Break Dance, At-Home Fire Dance
The Sims Home Safe
Classic Electronics - 8 Objects
Secret Doors (Multi-Lock)

Sims 3:
Simslice Classic Chinese Set - 11 Objects
Simslice Classic Electronics - 8 Objects
Kaeru Lucky Frog Statue
World Adventurer's Kit
Zencat tribute

edited to merge requests

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: pelikankiss on 2009 October 04, 12:36:56
Site: Sim Chic ( ( )
Item(s) wanted: red ruby ring (
The Baroque Ring (
Hearth Charm Necklace  (
Floral Charms Necklace  (

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: zeroo on 2009 October 23, 10:45:13
Site: xsims ( )
Item(s) wanted: Latex Catsuit with Zipper ( (sims 3)
Female Tattoos - Set 1 Direct link to item:

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: bubo megallicius on 2009 October 24, 16:22:45
Site: Annamaria sims 2 ( )
Item(s) wanted: Donation set 38 (

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: luleech on 2009 November 13, 13:09:28
Item(s) wanted: full version of TS2 Enhancer

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: karu on 2009 November 27, 22:03:12
Site: SummerAfternoon ( ( )
Item(s) wanted: Building set. Requires the use of allopass to purchase.

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: tulin_adenu on 2009 December 30, 19:20:24
Site: Evanell Sims 3 (
Item(s) wanted: Purple Victorian (
                        Happy Family (
                        Modern Lohas (
                        Mediterranean Luxury (
                        Victorian's Green Garden (
                        Taipei Story House (
                        Dramatic European Classic (
                        Mediterranean Motif (

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: nanzee on 2010 February 11, 17:15:14
The SimSnobs
Recolors blue and green of the Girls Bow Bedroom.
Livingroom12   Recolors of the Cane Livingset

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: mestiza on 2010 April 22, 03:53:22
Site: Simetria Design Studio (
Item(s) wanted: Abstrakt Kitchen Set (

Title: No TSR - got it... but...
Post by: Amiara on 2010 April 30, 08:37:57
Hey. i'm new here, and gotta say - i love the concept!
Thanks alot!

But i have a question - not sure if it should be posted here - im still finding my way around the site.
But you said that no requests should be made for TSR objects. I can see that you have added some of these, and i really like the country door, made by apple on TSR. So that is an illegal request or is there another place where i should put it.?

Here is a link to where it is (btw, i also really, really like the window sitting next to the door)

Hope to here from you soon...


Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: Pescado on 2010 April 30, 08:57:34
We don't take specific TSR requests because TSR is such a huge site, and we already have staff working to harvest it enmasse, so individual requests would be purposeless. However, if an item is conspicuously missing for some reason, perhaps it was missed in a sweep or snuck in. Let us know.

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: RedVenus on 2015 August 18, 22:14:21
Please get back with your works!!!
I need a Pandora Neon set, but since 2010 dont have any updates!!!

We need paysites back!!! =~

Title: Re: The Booty Shopping List
Post by: depravo on 2017 July 31, 03:33:03
Pandorasims has 3 art tables available for download. When I went to download from the booty, the only one available for download is the adult art anime table which allows sims to draw anime porn art. Is it possible to do an update to include the adult art porn and adult fantasy art tables please?