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Title: Want to report a TSR problem?
Post by: Hecubus on 2007 December 05, 19:19:21

Your problem will be solved by one of the following:

1. Doing a search at TSR for the mesh; 99.9% of meshes are found in other sets.

2. Waiting. We do not upload TSR files every day. So be patient or get it from somewhere else.

3. Letting DusDeeDawn (;u=6976) know ONLY if the mesh really IS separate and you can show her it's not to be found in the booty OR if the creator updated the mesh and you're certain we don't have the updated version.

4. Remembering that YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO EVERYTHING YOU WANT WHEN YOU WANT IT. Really, it's okay if you can't have the item you want the second it's released. Your game will not suffer. You will not suffer. And perhaps, if the demand for TSR goes down, they WILL suffer.  :twisted:

5. We will sometimes indicate when TSR updates have been made, but we will not let you know which files, nor will you be able to tell by date. We change all dates on TSR files to 9/19/98 during scanning to protect our sources and provide you the cleanest files possible. The best way to get TSR content is to peruse TSR's site for things you might want, and download free stuff from them and pay stuff from us as it becomes available.

6. If you download a TSR file from the booty and it crashes the game, let DusDeeDawn (;u=6976) know so she can download a new copy of the file.  The scanning software has been updated, and the problem may be fixed with a new copy of the file.