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Title: About Requests
Post by: Hecubus on 2007 November 13, 19:38:01
While much of our booty work is based on the flow of donations, we can often ...encourage ...the flow of donations toward the items you want.

Therefore, we encourage you to post requests ONLY ON THE SHOPPING LIST THREAD (,2261.0.html).  This policy is intended to prevent the spawning of random threads begging for stuff. AND....a request does not mean we will get it in the booty right away; it is simply a signal to us that it's an item of interest.

We will continue to update the more popular sites as often as we can - but remember, your making a request on the Shopping List does not mean it will be there in five minutes.

To current members: when you see a new request thread, point them to the Shopping List (,2261.0.html) AND encourage them to read this post (and the FAQ (,1104.0.html), of course).